Under The Same Moonlight
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♥ Monday, August 18, 2008 ♥



6:02 PM

♥ Thursday, August 14, 2008 ♥

Whoopy! I'm almost done with my to-do list. Like always, he made it happened!
Rights, I'm left with Hortpark and Pawtabello. But I'm not so keen to go over to Paw. this time.

Leaving that apart,
I've been enjoying my days partying, eating, schooling, sleeping.
It was Charis's bday party last Friday over at St James and we partied crazy! Damn fun la! Maybe we should party together more often.
The following day was a planned dinner to celebrate National Day. The patriotic us, wore red! Well, we ended up playing Mahjong in Auntie Helen's house that night and I won $2! HAHAHAHAHAHA.. ya la.. only $2.

Sunday was even better,
Km and I went shopping. We came across the Burberry sale and he got himself an awesome top whereas I got nothing! Boooo!! The sizes suck! Anyways, we're gonna book a hotel to catch the fireworks this coming new year's eve! else, just get me that Chanel heels. BAHAHHAHAHA!

Monday was school, Tuesday was school and Wednesday was stillllll... school.
Dinner was special on Monday because we brought Puddles along. =) We saw Arthea with her little.. oh no, huge Golden, Max, if I remembered correctly. He is soooo cute. I love the colour of his face!! On the other hand, puddles, the horny bitch, ran towards him, machiem she'd seen him before. They looked cute together. Haha.
But dinner was a little more special on Tuesday where we found ourselves in the Yatch Club having curry fish head even though I was SICK! We looked at the yatches around, started to dream... and I think I'll get him the one we saw right at the corner of the grass patch! HHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAA..

THURSDAY, today, is a day to bake yummy yummy fondants. It turned out awesome! the chocolate fondants erupted and the chocolate larva started flowing, flowing, flowing... Puna shiok!

I'l just update a few pictures. I'm feeling lazy.

4:21 PM

♥ Friday, August 8, 2008 ♥

After the talk with my best friend last night, there's something worth pondering.

What do friends really meant? People whom you'll share darkest secrets with? people whom you'll wanna just have fun with? People whom you'll cling on dearly because of the love you've developed? or so on. Whatever the reason, which will you weigh more?

I believe everybody weighes things differently but isn't there a thin line between making use of people and developing that special bond that you'll be sharing and being there for one another. whichever I put it, it doesn't matter. You know what I mean. But don't you think so?

The worst friends would be people who had "used" you and left you for someone better off. So far, I haven't encounted this personally till it happens, you'll all know. Hahaha.. I feel having more friends' good but we shouldn't forget those who was once there right? right? right?

Oh well, just something I thought I might as well jot it down.

On another note, SCHOOL'S STARTED.
I pretty much LOVE school! hahahha
I love mugging!
I love projects!
I love my new friends!
I love everything!!!! THAT'S FOR NOW! hahahah..

Gotta party later on and hopefully, I'll be able to attend.
Puddles tearing down my HOUSE! My dad's really pissed to the max, I think.
Whatever la.

6:53 PM

♥ Sunday, August 3, 2008 ♥


7:05 PM

Name: Hazel
Age: 21
DOB: 27 Oct 1987

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