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♥ Wednesday, January 30, 2008 ♥

My bf thought that I should post my room pictures =)

Let me introduce..... my late night supper.
Super shiok! Anything that has butter is GOOD! hees.
This is my 1st attempt though... Chicken Broth is the key to this!

Alright, gossiping with my gf. BYE!

1:19 AM

♥ Monday, January 28, 2008 ♥

So yup, updated. My FYP team mates, Shuanna & Jocelyn.

Some randoms:

I'm back from no where when life's been rather fascinating though.. Hahaha.
We supposed to be clubbing on Friday but we found ourselves having the best times ever in Marina Square K-boxing! It was a killer wearing my superduper 4 inch High heels walking from Raffles City to MSq. Although it seemed just a short distance, men just don't understand. =) And one day it wouldn't be surprised if I were to break my ankle. Wooooooow. That's the thing about women.

OMG! Xiang Shui You Du is the best song ever! I love love love it to the.. whatever you call it. We sung that 3 times! My vocal hasn't been into good use for so damn long, I sung the songs with a bit of sway.

The journey to Gelang was eye opening. Seriously, I saw illegal gambling, selling of pirated VCDs, Chickens and even AH GUAs! It was overwhelming. You tiao wang was good but the cab fare was.... Eh.. can pump a week of petrol ok. Day light robbery shit!

Saturday was purely lazing at home in the afternoon. And since CNY is approaching, my bf offered to buy me some gifts. =) Other than a pair of slippers, I couldn't find anything nice. More next week, he said. *SMILES*

Right after that, we went down to Aloha to attend KJ's 21st bday party. MEN...... Can't stand their conversation. Tsktsk. God!!! you don't know what I've been through. We got home, and caught some TV programs.

Sunday was a day of spring cleaning. MY BACK HURTS!!! And I slept at 3am last night. Booo.. The outcome was way too good. We went Ikea and I bought lotsa things to beautify my room. It feels cosy and NEAT now. I had to alter my curtains and it's the 1st time the sewing machine was used. We bought it like many many months back and I thought it's just another white elephant. Sewing was fun. I'm the new seamstress in town yo!
The yummy yummy food!

Anddddd... we were almost done. =)

The last destination, Chinatown. Surprisingly, I found some good buys at some weird shop. I got myself a pair of slippers, a bag and a dress, pretty good.

Super super yummy Mango dessert!

Well well well, my poor bf was all alone on a Sunday. He said he'd rather have me irritating him. =)

SEEEEEEEE! Now you know I love you.

On the other note, try figuring out what Claud was trying to do. It isn't that difficult. Hees.

1:02 PM

♥ Thursday, January 24, 2008 ♥

All so tensed before the presentation I had yesterday and I thought I screwed a part up. I shan't go into that because it's a lonnnnnnnnng story. Anyways, everything was finally over and done with!

My bf rewarded me by bring me over to one of my favourite restaurants, Shimbashi. I had the some old order which strangely couldn't fill my tummy. Haha! I must be really hungry then. They serve the best cream Anmitsu. It's so damn bloody good. Sadly, no pictures were taken because of the obvious reasons, we were way tooooo hungry.

Oh, last night my mum behaved unreasonably and that pissed me off like MAD. For the past few days I've been driving her car and since she was back yesterday, I'd to return her the car. So the point is, she told me to be at her office at 7 pm and knowing that she's always late, I reached at 7.41pm. STILLL!!!! She wasn't there. So, she wanted me to wait for her until 9. Like hello... My bf and I haven't had our dinner! Damn selfish!! When I passed the keys to her colleague, he asked me to leave for home 1st because he had to work a little later that evening too. AND MY MUM SCOLDED ME FOR BEING SELFISH. Seriously, what the heck?! that uncle asked me to go home right!

Argh.. sometimes, I just don't understand.

Today's a self declared rest day after a long time. I had the weirdest dreams. Haha. Some are tooo stupid and paisey to write. Ha!

Oh wellllll... Pictures up in the next post. I'm really lazy these days.

3:17 PM

♥ Monday, January 21, 2008 ♥

Hello world- (Jocelyn, fart face)

We'd to use our vouchers =) at the restaurant, my bf and I wanted to order the same food and same drinks. Telepathy, like always. Since it's a Friday night, alcohol never seemed to have parted us. Haha.. We were lured to order Chicken Corden Blu which tasted bloody good. Of course in the end we didn't order the same meal. I had Oxtail Stew which tasted like Mutton soup. Quite disgusting I tell you.

Don't look down on that piece of rock like chicken because it's awesome!
Ok, you might just look down on this Lao sai look alike. Haha.

From that expression, you'd be able to guess the taste of the cheesecake. And the not so fantastic chocolate banana cake.

After which was a little row here and there and we ended up at Magaritas situated at Dempsey Hill. Blue for him and strawberry for me. I thought it was good, at least I didn't suffer from dizziness and all. You know how picky my body can be at times... =)

The chair's really pretty that I wanted to secretly stuff it in my puny bag. Haha! Joking ok... Hahah..

I drove back home while feeling a little high from the alcohol content. It can be really dangerous and I don't understand how people can drive when they are actually drunk.

Any case, we had a party the next day. Had breakfast at my all time favourite peach garden then home to pack my bag and off we attend a party.

Happy 21st Birthday Ting!! She got herself all smashed by the sabotages the girls set up. Poor thing. Girls, KARMA I tell you. Hahah.. Luckily I wasn't even playing. Next was to catch a movie, Body 19 at Marina Square. Awesomely Awful. Seriously, I like that show.

My baby snores SO LOUDLY. My lord, I couldn't sleep properly. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

It's 2pm now, gotta goooooooooooooooooooo. Pictures later. =)
From all the pictures, it's not very difficult to tell that I've put on ALOT of weight. Holy shit, it's 3 FREAKING KG!

1:47 PM

♥ Thursday, January 17, 2008 ♥

We had a tiff this evening and it got us so damn emtional and all.
Hahaha.. Sometimes, I'm glad we did and this brought us a step closer to each other. =) What's a relationship without quarrels?

Actually, the last part was quite ridiculous because HE WAS JUST SHOWING HIS CONCERN. I was cutting my mangoes and I accidently dropped the cutting board and everything on the floor. My bf being the dearest, was so worried and he started shouting or should I say, raising his voice. I got angry because his mother was looking at me when my bf was scolding la!!!! Bloody PAISEY!!!!! Hahahhaa.. Ok, baby now you know but I still don't like people shouting at me though. =)

Mean and so damn embarrassed, I washed the mangoes and threw it back into the fridge, pushed his arms away from me when he wanted to hug and tell me that it was alright and stumbled into the room jumped onto the bed and started crying. (I'm a drama mama! Hahaha..) Seriously speaking, it was mainly because I was soooooo paisey but I actually blamed my bf for shouting at me. Hahaha.

Through our conversation, I learnt so much about him. =)
Thank you always Kimmy!

On the other note, today was a busy day running errands the ENTIRE day. Boy I was tired!!! Maybe that explained my foul mood. (Aww.. while writing this made me remember how sweet he was when he actually asked.) Slap me.
I was so busy that I didn't have time for food. Seriously, not even 5mins.
But the meal after everything was well.... not fantastic but rewarding.
Chacha and I came across this Japanese Restaurant at City link. Shokido or something like that. Some new place to dine la.. The ambience was good at the tables out door but suddenly it reminds me of the zoo. It's like and enclosed area with a glass window near the escalator and the people taking the escalator kept looking in.

And..... I bought a dress. It's back to shopping after SO DAMN LONG!

Aww.. my happy Wednesday. Alright, that's for now.

12:46 AM

♥ Monday, January 14, 2008 ♥

Maybe I should just stop coming up with New Year resolutions and all which I never followed. Shit.. Hahaha.
Weekends were good. I love days when plans are always so packed. =)

Kim and I went to town to collect my creams and he volunteered to pay for them. So off we went for lunch at Ding Tai Fung. Oh ya, my bf made a bet, if I could sing the chorus of a particular Mandarin song, he'd give me 50 bucks. Of course I won because there were loopholes in his bet. I...... sang A SENTENCE instead of the whole chorus. Hahaha..

We went home after lunch and I'd another appointment. Lunch with my best friend. =) Short and yummy catch ups again. I got home, took a nap and went for dinner with my mum and then off we went bowling at OCC. Xavier touched my heart. That little boy knows money don't come easy. I should be ashamed of myself. I wanted to buy him a lollipop which cost $1.30. I gave him the money and he came back with the change. Omg! Guess what he replied?

Me: "Why is there change? I thought I gave you the exact amount? Ehh.. why did you buy the smaller lollipop?"
Xavier: "It's ok. Don't waste money. That bigger lollipop is expensive. The small lollipop is cheaper."

Aww.. Such a good boy... =)

Anyways, the girls drove over to Icekimo for yummy yummy ice cream. Teh Tarek, Holicks, Baileys flavoured ones, Durian waffles with ice cream and brownies with ice cream. It was bloody awesome. What do you know? We treated the place like our house. Haha..

Sunny sunny Sunday was one of the best although there was a hiccup towards the end. Since it was a sunny sunny day, my bf and I went for a tan at Sentosa. It was so crowded! Damn it. On our way there, we bought Macdonald meals. Guess what?! They ran out of beef when I wanted to order the prosperity burger. BUT they accidently gave us the apple dippers which we didn't order. THAT'S FOR MY RAN OUT BEEF! Hahaha..

We tanned a little, dipped in the sea a little, chatted a little and it's time to go... We had dinner at the Central @ Vivo city. I had durian fried rice! It was oooook but overall, everything's not worth the price. Boo!

One stick @ $1.80

Stupid tofu @ $5.50

Durian Fried Rice @ $8.80

Bloody kopitam Chee cheong fan @ $4.50 (No fillings some more!)

=)))) I love love love days like these.

11:49 AM

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