Under The Same Moonlight
so far away

♥ Monday, December 31, 2007 ♥

It's time for reflections and new resolutions.
Byebye 2007 and welcome 2008. May it be a fabulous year ahead.

This year went pretty well.

- My dad's been nice this year. He gave me almost everything I wanted. He listens to me whine and understands me more. He never forgets my bday and he tends to give me surprises too. And, he'll wake up early in the morning whenever I asked him to, just to send me to school. In return, I, too, never forget his bday and surprises. I'll also make it a point that he'll like the gifts I chose; I'll return to the shop and get something else.

- My mum's been really nice too. She just offered to get me a new laptop which I forgot to ask my bf about the details. Gosh! Anyways, she's been there for me too. She's always there to wake me up early in the morning for school and at times, I'm such an ass who'd get so irritated. Ha! She signed me a sub card even though she was reluctant, just to pls me although there were times when she'd threaten to cancel the card.

- My sister been nasty this year. But after my dad talked to us, we haven't been quarrelling. Perhaps things are changing. Ah huh.. my new year resolution.

- My lovely cousins, as crazy as always. Times with them are always well spent. We even agreed to find boyfriends whos' name starts with Ks. And here we've got Kimmoh, Karl and Ken. Hurhur.

- Although he wasn't around for quite some time this year, he showed me that he still cares. It's pretty obvious as I'm munching on the pies he bought. He'll buy me everything I want, bring me to the yummiest restaurants, do fun activities and give a whole lot of attention I needed. He's like the best person I've ever knew.

- Best friend, Fatty was there whenever Kim's not ard and of course, everytime I needed her. She's one of the darnest sweet little girl friend anybody can ever ask for. We never quarrelled but ALWAYS arguing for the funniest and good reasons. My fatty fatty, you need to know you are so sweet.

- My best gfs from Secondary school, we haven't had time meeting up as often as before. Nevertheless, I miss you girls.

- My school buddies aka lunch khakis are a bunch of fun loving people. One of the most friendly and helpful girls I enjoy being with. I appreciate the times we had in school. Eh, don't be so touched. Hahahaha. After the coming 4 weeks, would then be marked as the end of our Tertiary life. NEVERTHELESS, we'll still meet up right?

1. Not to skip lessons for the last 4 weeks of school and try hard for the last UTs. I'll also try hard to be on time for lessons. Hahaha.. serious serious.

2. I need to start baking and cooking more often for my boyfriend. Simply because he loves my food. =)

3. Start exercising! Hazel, age's catching up!!! You'll get fat easily!!!

4. Most importantly, getting into University and make my parents proud! hahah.. Cheybah!!
I want to continue studying only for my own good.

5. Wait patiently for snowby's arrival and love her as much as my bf loves me.

6. Saving up. I'LL TRY!! =p

7. Learn to be contented with whatever I'm given and appreciate love from family and friends.

8. Play the piano again. I'll buy new music scores to get my fingers kickin'. I love my piano.

9. I'll not stick to my bf like a super glue and throw tantrums whenever I'm cranky. Ok, just cry and act pitiful. Hahahah.

10. B-E H-A-P-P-Y! Well, not something very difficult. =) Just remember the little things that makes me happy.



1:38 AM

♥ Sunday, December 30, 2007 ♥

Before the night, my thoughtful bf bought me some pies for dinner because he knew I would forget my dinner whenever I'm busying dolling myself. Sweet isn't it? Thank you.

Same old, same old, together subsiding the urge for the longest time. When I say long, I meant L-O-N-G. I haven't seen them in 4 months. Seriously, I swear upon my favourite soft toy. I've never been feeling soooo gooooooood.

The whole world was there. And I had to crack those lame jokes that were suppressed in my heavy mind. There jokes were brilliant! Some you'll never even thought about. It feels good giving Chris a punch on his arm after a long time. And while my boyfriend is somewhere in the crowd having his own fun, I had my dosage of gossips too, that was with Wei Boon. He was damn funny when he started telling me how much he sensed that Amanda (one of the not so friendly girls there) liked Chris. At first I didn't get it. Like, how do you tell when she's ALWAYS drunk and rowdy. And he explained. Hahah.. I still didn't get it. So Chris was beside us, and I asked. Surprisingly, he had a strong feeling too! It's sad having the guy you like falling for your best friend huh. She's mean afterall. Santa placed her in his NAUGHTY list. Boo! Baby, too bad you were somewhere else. The topics were hilarious. Most, I can't remember after a couple of drinks.

It was a night with so much alcohol to finish up. 2 Canons, 3 Black Labels, 1 bottle of Hennesy, and lastly, one barrel of Tiger. I bet everybody was thirsty that night. I was busy mingling around, half of the time, I don't know where my boyfriend was. He might be hooking up on one of those women there anyway. So, when I finally get to see him, he's already wasted and gaying with friends. What an unsightly sight! Haha. For pure fun I suppose. The shocking thing, HE DON'T EVEN REMEMBER. Damnnnnnnn.

The pictures are overloaded but consolidated into the 2 collages. =)

More next Friday. Annnnnnnnnnnnd, I remember Kelly, Candice, Paul, Ken, Shuanna and perhaps Karl and Claud's coming along!!!!!!!! I CAN'T wait no more! I love my cousins more than life itself.

As I was saying about my wonderful night, my bf got hung over this morning while I was feeling grouchy and I've to a reason to that! I was SOOOO damn hungry. I ate only a pie for dinner and skipped breakfast. We spent the day at home meditating. Haha.. Dinner was also good this evening. We had turtle soup. Tonic soup's the best for now.

We had a game or two in the night at OCC Bowl. My so called cousin's handsome, baby agreed. Since he's from New Zealand, we got him to try our CARROT CAKE, the cheena way. Eh, I didn't know he's a year older than me. I thought he was younger. Wasted! okokok.. seriously, haha.. joking.

Claudia has an innate mean trait of disturbing children. Until I thought Bryan to slap her on the wrist. He shouted, "Find somebody your own size!" You should see Claud's expression. In split seconds we started laughing. Oh yes! we had the highest curry pok wins contest, whereby the girls have to tie their fringe as high as possible! FINALLY! I got to win. Luckily Lucinda wasn't there.

The night ends after some moments with my boyfriend again.
Alright, I'm going to the fishery port in 15mins. =*)

1:54 AM

♥ Friday, December 28, 2007 ♥

I'm easily worn out recently. I'm always seen sleepy even if I've slept for more than 12 hours. Am I ageing or what??? Hahah.. Also, I thought I'm turning blind. My visions were blurry until I realized, it was high time to get my contact lens changed!

There's nothing much to write about these days. The whole of Wednesday was spent in school and because of that, I'd to sleep through Thursday. Seriously, a lack of sleep. And I HATE bad hair days- it keeps me REALLY REALLY CRANKY. I just got my conditioner changed and my hair turned out horrifying! It's like I've gone through Katrina! I had to vent my anger on my bf, he said I could. =) Haha. Silly!!!!

Why do we have to eat?? To think of places to eat, a dread thing! You know, when you don't have to mood to eat yet you are hungry?? Okokok.. I might be the different one. Anyways, IT'S FRIDAY!!!! And the last Friday of 2007 in fact! Sweeee!!
We'll be at St James tonight.

Monday, the eve of a new year. My bf and I will have to attend a ball. We'll see how it goes. =)
I should get myself ready and do some shopping before meeting them

4:56 PM

♥ Tuesday, December 25, 2007 ♥

Merry Christmas! My family and I had a blast!
Just when the clock struck 12, we started spraying the ribbons at one another and dirtied Kelly's room! It wa fun having food, drinks and good ol' company. I love my cousies. Smoochies!!

After our Christmas dinner, we were hungry again and we headed down Thomson for PRATAS! Yums! We had the longest and funniest conversations. We should have more of that seriously. =*) But I accidently ruin my clothes which I wore 2 TIMES ( and it includes today)! Damnnn!!! It was the down side of luck. Boo!

It was a long day, I don't know where to start. So here are the pictures, click for a large view.

Happy Monthsary baby. Thank you for my monthly dosage, my favourite tulips. I think I've a collection of different breeds of them. Haha.. I think I had more hanging in the kitchen and toliet. Hees. My favourite ones are in my room BUT I love them all. Thank you for making Christmas extra special.

3:53 AM

♥ Monday, December 24, 2007 ♥

Chocolate Tart
OMG! It's awesome! Much much better than the ones sold in the bakery. And... I forgot to take the tart baking process. I was rushing like one mad person. Something pissed me this morning, you know, the Red Man shop suppose to sell ALL the baking items right? Guess what?! They don't even sell short crust pastery. Damnnnnn. I've to go all the way back to cold storage.

As I was saying, the tart is really good. So moist, thick and the smell just makes everybody melt. I wanna go take a nap now. The sleeping spell struck me suddenly. Night.

12:52 PM

♥ ♥

It a Sunday with my mum, shopping across Singapore. She received a call from Aunty Helen and we headed down for the sales. It was a scam! Damn it. I don't believe in warehouse sales anymore. Claudia assured me that I'd be out within 5mins! She was wrong! It only took me a min instead.

As usual, it was pouring and we soon found ourselves at a really old and run down coffeeshop. It looks exactly like those you would see on TV when channel 8's screening The Price Of Peace. Hahaha.. Really! I'm not exaggerating! And the hygiene, please don't remind me. Sucks totally.

Soon, we were at China town and it's been more than a year since I've been there. We had the yummy yummy mango dessert. And then to town. My sister's really silly! My mum wanted to buy her a watch and she chose some other brands because of the mother of pearl thingy. DAMN! I would have choosen the dress watch from Juicy Couture!! tsktsk.

Boy I was hungry and we settled for a really simple dinner. It was fast! Pepper lunch that was.

I remembered something. I'll miss the fireworks this coming new year because I totally forgot about plans to book a hotel room!!!!! ARGH! Walk-ins are always much more expensive. What my bf said is true, buy my pretty bag and a nice dinner. BUT... I'll forgo the bag. A nice dinner will do fine =)

I received a call this evening, and awww... somebody's bf's really sweet. =)
Anyways, I've gotta go. I've gotta wake up early tmr for some Christmas baking! Good night and have a wonderful Christmas!

Merry Merry Christmas!

12:39 AM

♥ Sunday, December 23, 2007 ♥

It's truly a wonderful Saturday spent at the beach, plainly eating my mac, reading mag and enjoying each other's company though we didn't talk at all. I didn't know writing on sands would be so much fun too. I love it when the weather isn't too sunny.

It started drizzling a little before we left. Heaven must be so nice to us. You know, it could have poured during this season. We were taking a nap and what do you know? If I don't wake my bf up, he'll sleep until god knows when. Hahahahaha.. Damnn. He could be so mean at times! But you are forgiven. =)

Oh yes, today's also dong zhi, some festival and to me IT'S THE GLUTINOUS RICE BALL FESTIVAL! Fooooood. When I was younger, my mummy always tells me that each ball I ate would mean a year older. CRAP! No wonder I look sooooooo old now! Hahahaha.

Tomorrow would be shopping with mum and prolly baking too! That's for the Christmas dinner!
More about my legendary baking skills tmr. Hopefully the skills' not turned rusty. It's been ages. What dessert would be served on Christmas? Not those traditional ginger bread cookies nor is it brownies. It's CHOCOLATE TART! Who doesn't love chocolates? =*)

1:48 AM

♥ Saturday, December 22, 2007 ♥

Watching planes, listening to the engines, and encountering a black out was exceptionally sweet tonight. Yeap, we were at Changi Airport tonight and I planned it. We had a simple dinner at Popeye's and I must say, the whipped potato was good. A mixture with different textures make me want to ask for more!

We watched the planes and talk about plans to go overseas. And how I'd wanna throw him in Phuket alone, how the snorkeling would get him closer to the horses. It's an inside joke. He was talking about Krabi, Thailand where all the caves are but I'm afraid. I couldn't stand the second look of the algae. SO eerie!! Then again, I trust that my bf would get all those disgusting things away from me.

Apart from the algae, I'm extremely afraid of lizards. Those slimy lookin' creature. Horrifying!!!!!

Anyways, after strolling from terminals to terminals, and I saw this HUGE lollipop which looked so cute but it's not that I would eat it though. =) Sigh... Sometimes it's just something you know you wouldn't use but you know..

So, we got home, drank a little and we began cam-whoring. Seeing is believing, my boyfriend doesn't seem to like taking pictures. =( But despite all, he would take a few just to please me. At times, I'll do the weirdest thing, I managed to use my toes to take some pictures. Hurhur.

His ship'll be back tmr but I think it's already outside the base.
Aww.. today's a relaxing night. HOHOHO, I forsee that we'll be heavily clubbing next week! =)

2:39 AM

♥ Thursday, December 20, 2007 ♥

For two days, my sister took my camera and most of the times, I feel cranky without it. =( I can't get my daily dosage and routine done.
I'M SO BLUR!! I left my bf's camera in the car. Damnnnn!

Despite all, we had an international high tea spread at Royal Plaza this afternoon. It's abso-posi-lutly yummy. It was sumptuous, seriously. I felt a little faint upon looking at many many dishes. They even had chocolate fondue fountain which was SO HIGH! And the red ruby dessert but of course so many others. Hahah.. Perhaps I was hungry then. Oh wells. The waiter who asked if we would like to donate to some charity was quite cute actually. I... secretly took a second peek. If only I had my cammie with me. You know, it's like my soulmate. =)

I'm really happy with my life now. We were as DFS, first, my bf "forced" me to buy a pair of shades from Dior or which ever brands I'm eyeing. Then, he wanted to buy me a bag from LV. Hahaha.. As much as I wanted to buy, and I was REALLY REALLY TEMPTED to buy, I didn't. Why? hmm.. Just say.. I love him. Will he surprise me? Mayyyyybe. Hahahha..

We headed back home and had a long chat. I love it when we do nth but talk about everything under the sun. =*)

Lets now, rewind..........

Yesterday, I had plans which were cancelled but my bf and I had quite a good evening at ECP, Shi Nai Hong Kong Cafe. It wasn't nice but it was still good because of my great company. Thank you BOYFRIEND! and soon we'll be "friends". Hahaha!

We had a couple of drinks at home and I was a little tipsy. "Everybody in the club get tipsy"
Watched TV played many many many games which I lost, obviously. Baby, I'll win you when you buy Wii. Put on your suspenders and...... WATCH OUT!!

ohhhh.. I can't wait for Christmas.
Alright you chipmonks!
Christmas Christmas, time is near.
Time for joy and time for cheer......

It's Christmas DON'T BE LATE!!!!

11:33 PM

♥ Wednesday, December 19, 2007 ♥

The girls and my Mambo plans were screwed. That's the one thing I don't really enjoy planning ahead of time. ='( Nevertheless, we'll still meet up some time later. Also, another mood killer, plans with my bf's group of friends were screwed too. WHATTTT boys night out, seriously?! At the end of the day, it'll be my bf and I. Still good though. Hopefully we will still be able to stick with PLANS.

On the other note, Singapore's so small and I'm bored with everything, where to go?! I seriously need to get my ass out of Singapore and I know it'll not be anytime soon. Then again, trust me, it'll never happen.

I've.. got to go. Bye.

Moody meter: It hit rock bottom.

2:16 PM

♥ Monday, December 17, 2007 ♥

Just a few pictures of yesterday.

Town-ed with my bestest gf this afternoon. I had to head back to Tangs to get my dad's keychain changed; the car key can't fit into it. And yeap, got him two card holders instead, hopefully he'll be happy with it now.

I love outings with my fatty and with all our nonsenses, it could be quite overwhelming. Haha. Anyways, when hunger strikes, a hungry man is an angry man, in addition, PMS. This stupid china woman was serving us and I don't know what the hell she was talking about so I started raising my voice. Fat told me that I looked fierce and really scary. Was I that bad? Irritating la! I was at sakae so there's this youth price or what so ever. I was just asking question relating to that and she could have told me that if I'm 21 and below, it would be that price. What NUS, SMU and all?! Kudos seriously. Oh wells, luckily this other girl served us later on. She's nice. =*) Perhaps it's because I was eating la. Haha.

Cash is running real low these days but I've continued spending. I'm so dead.

We met Pam in the evening and chatting quite abit not forgetting bitchings. Haha.. I love that so much. We were catching up with each other's life and it's been almost 2mths since we've last met!

Dearest Mohly bought me the chipmonks soundtrack CD. Aww.. the songs were so sweet. We had a nice supper and here I am blogging. =P I'm done with my day and tmr would be another nice holiday! S-W-E-E-T!

8:51 PM

♥ ♥

Today was a long day shopping in town with my bf, my family and the Lees.
I bought my parents nice keychains from Coach and Braun Buffel. My dearest bf bought my mum a box of super duper expensive and uber yummy CHOCOLATES. He really knows how to touch a woman's heart. (Baby, my daddy was asking where's his present? Haha)

I love it when my dearest bf ask which diamond ring I liked or even point out a very pretty ring from the showcase. Everytime he does that, I'll usually nod my head then carry on with what I was doing. But today, he made me the happiest girl again and again.

"Aiya, you ask me for what? Not that you'll buy right?" I said. Him being ever sweet and all told me that he needs to save up to get me a really pretty ring. Then Hazel being Hazel, continued asking even though I know what he was driving at.

"For what?" I replied, in a rather cheeky way. Haha. Obviously he didn't know I understood, he gave me a really really sweet answer which I wanted him to repeat over and over again. He's someone who knows me in and out. And of course, I know him like the back of my hands. I even know when he's happy, angry, sad, wants to burp, fart, shit, does and alll.

For this Christmas, I'm really thankful to have my Mohly by my side. He's the sweetest thing ever! I'll never feel overdosed, in fact, I can't get enough. =*)
I miss him already.

AND omg! the dragonfly khakis are coming back this week. HA! And mambo with the girls on Wednesday yo! I sense that I'll spot a couple of them. Ha!!!

Oh well, the Tan & Lee gang had a delightful dinner at Jumbo, ECP. The cereal prawns' to die for! We were too busy tucking in that we only took a few pictures which I'm lazy to upload.

I'll have a REALY sweet dream tonight. LOVES!

12:35 AM

♥ Sunday, December 16, 2007 ♥

I spent quality time with my bf these two days which is something really perfect! =)
I'm glad he likes the gift. It's really cute to see him guessing what it was. Haha.. We met for dinner on Friday but because of the heavy traffic at Orchard, we changed our plans and headed to Vivo instead. 1st thing 1st, FOOD! The calamari was good but the chicken leg as disappointing. I guess his dory was doing fine; he finished it all. Wah.. and since when they serve ice water in such a fanciful decanter?! I love it when my bf pours me water.

We went shopping and he got quite a couple of clothings. Handsome la!

The next day... my stupid lappy's giving quite a headache. It kept hanging for no reason. It's aging so quick! Argh... I hate changing my lappy, my phone and EVERYTHING that's gotta do with IT.

Saturday was even better! It's been ages since I've gone to the beach. Not for a tan though, just for the breeze. =) After two hrs or so, we changed and headed down the fish reflexology, foot relfexology and a shoulder massage. It's to die for! Uber comfy. Anyway, it was fully booked till 4pm so while waiting, we had a light tea break. And then the best part.

Got to the supermarket and bought some honey glazed pork ribs home and also, my favourite Kimchi Ramen. Wootss! TV, TV, TV. Thats my wonderful day. Tmr would be Christmas shopping! We'll see, we'll see.

It's 3am now, hitting the hay! Good night world.

1:56 AM

♥ Friday, December 14, 2007 ♥

Sanata Claus is coming to town
He's making a list,
And checking it twice,
Gonna find out who's naughty and nice!

Alright, the truth is out! I got my neck strained because I was using all my mighty strength to carry the gift I bought for my bf all the way back home. It's bloody 15kg!! Apart from that, I was carrying my school bag. He nearly got me! Yes, I sucked at surprises or well, might not. =) Ahh.. He wouldn't be free to read my blog till tonight! So I say, he better love me more!!

Seriously, thinking of what to get for my bf really cracks my brain. So, I guess I'd rather get something he'll be able to use everyday. I can't wait to give him the gift tonight. Why not on Xmas? some might ask. Reason being, I CAN'T WAIT! Hahaha.. I just need to see that geeful look on his face as fast as possible. =)

Talking about Christmas, it's a time for all to gather together to enjoy the joyful day with the yummy christmas goodies and FOOD. Oh yes, TURKEY! MANY MANY MANY might not know about the joke that involved me. Damnnnn. Every Christmas, my family, cousins, aunts and uncles will never fail to remind me. I'm the butt of the joke during this season.

When I was younger, while my family and I were having a buffet dinner at some hotel, I remembered myself serving myself with the WHOLE TURKEY drum. Thinking it would be the best part. You know, like the chicken drum? Super juicy and sweet? I thought it'll taste something like that. Obviously, I couldn't finish the WHOLE turkey drum. EVERYBODY at my table had to finish the turkey for me. So ya. This is the life time joke. Argh. haha.

Christmas also means year 2007 is ending.
I love year 2007! It's the last year of school! Hey! I'm graduating in a mth's time. Hurray!! So much I've accomplished. Things I'd like to do. Little things I've learnt to appreciate. =) AIYA. There's just too much to talk about.

Alright. Lessons now. Till tonight!!! IT'S A FRIDAY!!

12:48 PM

♥ Thursday, December 13, 2007 ♥

Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! I strained my neck, and most probably my arm muscles too. BOTH arms! OMG, I thought I'd die from the pain.

And from suffering all the pain, my baby asked me if I had a surprise for him. DAMN! He knows I sucked at surprises but still trying his luck AT THE WRONG TIME. Hahaha.. You better love me twice as much today and I'll love you twice as much tomorrow.

More than you know, MORE THAN YOU EVER KNOW =*)
It's my little way of saying I love you.

11:16 PM

♥ Wednesday, December 12, 2007 ♥

The CB sister just pissed me off totally. Secondary school should have lessons about respecting others, talking at the right time with the right words and "DON'T KNOW, DON'T TALK", just shut up.

I can't take talking to her a second. It'll shorten my life by half. Some shit.

4:50 PM

♥ Tuesday, December 11, 2007 ♥

My wallet's really really REALLY tight! With all the spendings and cab hailings, no wonder I'm always so broke. Sigh sigh sigh. Talking about cabs, the stupid cab driver pissed me off. He drove like a snail and I've to pay SO much more. Obviously he did it on purpose! He was waiting for the traffic lights to turn red at EVERY junction. TMD! It was just drizzling, that's no excuse for driving at 50-60km/h right!!! And to think that comfort and all are increasing the price for cabs. For these swindlers?! What a move. STUPIDDDDD I say.

Drifting away from this topic, my boyfriend bought me PEZ! You know, the sweets that have to be reloaded into the.. the.. toy?! Super old school! Hahaha.. I remember having this when I was really young. I was totally in love with it. =*)

And all the alcohol cravings subsided. We bought mixers home and drank alittle. Awesome!!!

Holiday's next week! I'm looking forward to all the great plans we have!!!


11:14 PM

♥ Sunday, December 9, 2007 ♥

As much as I love shopping, I don't really like shopping with my mother because at the end of the day, I'LL GET NTH. Damnnnn.. Shopping with my bf or my dad's wayyyy better! My mother doesn't buy my whines or even give a hoot about it. Argh!

I'm so tired after spending the whole day in town, strolling in Paragon and Takashimaya. AND I'm suffering from a blister on my left foot. It's a total ouch ouch for me.

We had meals with the Lee's at Balestier and the fish head asam was delicious. And after that we went round Lavender street, searching for the durian kueh, to find that they've already moved to Gelang. Bloody suay. But but but, we came across one of the pet shops selling a husky pup for ONLY $400!!!!!!! So cheap! I was playing with her for awhile =) Healthy and lovable!!

I met my bf for coffee an hr ago. Just a short meet up, made me feel energised. Haha.. I was being really naughty to FART on his hands. Hahah..! Baby, I told you before hand but you took it as a joke. Hhahahahahah!!!!

Alright, enough of today, good night!
I've got a banking test tmr which I've yet revised.

10:56 PM

♥ ♥

How I wish I could drink a bottle of beer and not collapse. I'm craving for a mug full. The stupid allergy I got is totally absurd. Damnnn... It's sometimes too exaggerating. Sigh. Oh well, just a thought.

It's a beautiful Saturday with my boyfriend in the afternoon. Poor thing, he has a test on Monday and he had to mug like siao. So, we had brunch and headed home where he started studying while I continued sleeping like a log. Hees. I woke up and continued reading the bible, watched tv to find that one of my favourite drama was screening. So funny!

We left the house right after the show ended for our SPA session. It's been a long time.... Weee~ I was full of excitment!! When we arrived, we couldn't recognise the place anymore. It's no longer named Andana but comfort SPAce. Stupid right?! I thought it wasn't as nice as before. The massage was still as good though. I wanted to take pictures in the toilet but I was alone. I was afraid they'll think I'm nuts and all. Aiya.. forget it. Haha..

I met my mother at OCC to bowl and back to my bf's house. Channel U didn't show wo qai! Disappointing.

Got home and guess what??
My neighbour bought me doughnuts. =*) It looks gooood and I'll have that for breakfast tmr!! Daniel, thank you once again.

It'll be town tmr!!! And I'll see what my mum's gonna get me. Hohoho. SALES!!!! Hurray!

1:45 AM

♥ Friday, December 7, 2007 ♥

Friday with my dear POOT POOT =)

On one fine day, I smsed my bf out of bordem stating, other than having to say I love you, I miss you, I need you and all, what else will he do to make me smile? He replied with.......
--,-'-@ (That's a rose). Sweet isn't it. =*) My smile stretched from ear to ear!!!! Haha.. Then he asked what would I send? Me being me, I sent a *fart*. hahaha... I thought it was sooooo funny. Therefore, my bf is now named as my poot poot. =P

After school today, I went over to my grandma's place for awhile and headed home. Changed and I'm all set for my date. My ever sweet bf bought me a box of poky. This is damn good! We ate it all on our way to Califonia Pizza Kitchen. The picture tells it all. Just read my captions =)

After dinner, actually we wanted to just stroll around town and look at the lightings. But I was sooooo attracted to all the sales going on! I... I... I... bought a pair of shoes again. My sweet bf pampers me TOO MUCH sometimes. =)

Thank you baby!!!
My baby saved me from insomia!!! If I didn't get that pair of shoes, I doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight. My best friends should know me =)

I'm a happy happy girl. I love shoes and I can never get enough of them.

11:15 PM

♥ ♥

I didn't know school is this awesome! Seriously, this is the shit.

My FAT analysis
And it spells like this...
BMI 18.1

Total Fat% 18.2%
Fat Mass 8.1kg

Desirable Range
Fat% 17-24%
Fat Mass 7.5-11.5kg

Segmental Analysis
Right Leg

Fat% 28.9%
Fat Mass 2.5kg
FFM 6.1kg
Predicted Muscle Mass 5.8kg

Left Leg
Fat% 27.4%
Fat Mass 2.3kg
FFM 6.1kg
Predicted Muscle Mass 5.8kg

Right Arm
Fat% 20%
Fat Mass 0.4kg
FFM 1.6kg
Predicted Muscle Mass 1.5kg

Left Arm
Fat% 19.6%
Fat Mass 0.4kg
FFM 1.6kg
Predicted Muscle Mass 1.5kg

Fat% 10.7%
Fat Mass 2.5kg
FFM 20.9kg
Predicted Muscle Mass 20kg

It was fun and I'm gonna do this again in a few mths time to see what I've gain or what I've lost. Hahahaha.. Am I siao or what?!

12:58 PM

♥ Wednesday, December 5, 2007 ♥

GYM-ing today!!!!! My body's suffering from all the aches boy! While I was eating dinner just now, my hands were trembling like mad. I did sets of 5 today from top to toe. And it was a steambath session afterwhich.

My bf's studying today and I just remember I've got a test tmr too. Boo =( Tests never end......

I wanna go take a short nap. I'll update soon.

7:23 PM

♥ Monday, December 3, 2007 ♥

So yes, this morning, the Leongs, Lees and Tans went down town to get our hand made bowling shoes. I heard from my mum that this trait is dying. The shop is soo OLD! Everything looks traditional. Haha.. From the leather, the sole, and with his magic fingers, it becomes SHOES!

After that, we went to one of my favourite place, Good Wood Park hotel for tea. All the local food and I love the "raddish cup" thingy. I don't know what do you call it. I enjoyed myself very much. My bestie, Claudia's my favourite girl =)

My bf wasn't with me. He was busy helping his friend; some minister's son, to plan for his wedding. It's SO DAMN COOL to have the PM and all coming down la. The whole government board? Haha. And having to call them uncle who and who instead of sir or whatsoever. I think they even have to cordon off the roads and have all sorts of inspections!! Why don't I have such friends? So unfair! haha.

To also end his weekend with a smile, I bought him his favourite cheesecake from goodwood park but I still think the one at Hilton's better. Anyway, I was so afraid my cheesecake got smashed, I kept reminding my mother to be extra careful with it and she got so irritated and pissed off. Haha..

My poor boy's still sick =(
All right. A brand new week. GOOD NIGHT

12:13 AM

♥ Sunday, December 2, 2007 ♥

My Saturday afternoon's really boring until I couldn't take the second look at my sister, I went over to my grandma's house (my theme park). Shuanna's dog's name is LOONEY. Looney? Meaning? Siao?? hahah.. He's so horny!! And I think he loves me. He kept following me where ever I go and when I sat on the sofa, he'll quietly sit on the floor. =) Quite cute but Shuanna also agreed that he's UGLY! hahha..

Later in the night I met my bf and we went shopping at Marina Square!! My bf, Mohly bought me a pair of shoes from Gripz. I saw Grace, my secondary school friend. She's so pretty! I almost couldn't recognise her. =)

After shopping, we went Max Brenner to ease the chocolate craves. The banana latte was uber good. Yums!! But the chocolate cheese cake wasn't fantastic. It tasted more like toffee instead. My bf told me, his drink tasted like milo gaogao. And he was drinking from a cup that looked like the poo pit or rather tam pui. Haha

My wedges look soooo pretty on me. AWWW.. SHOES ARE LOVE!!!!!!
AND.. I'm gonna buy my bowling shoe tmr morning. Tailor made shoes. Aww.. Another love. =)))

My bf's sick today but still acting crazy as usual. I hope the medicine and your clean room helps. I proudly announce.... I CLEANED HIS ROOM! I'm such a sweet gf. Well, that's the least I could do =*)

2:17 AM

♥ Saturday, December 1, 2007 ♥

It's been really chilly these days. I'm so happy today because.... IT'S A FRIDAY!!! Friday is total an awesome day! It marks the end of the weekdays which also means MORE sleep, shop, eat and play.

During the day was the usual stuff, school and all. Oh yes, I caught the video Good Luck Chunk which was so funny!! ANDDDDDDDD.. I dozed off during 6p. Haha.

Got home, napped a little and I was supposed to meet my bf at CQ but in the end, he had to pick me up from home. I... napped a little too long. The sleep was wonderful, at least I'm still awake at this time of the day! Haha..

We had dinner at HOTSTONES.

Bloody hell! The oil splattered all over my body and scalded my chest. Damn painful! But boy it was nice!! RED MEAT!!! YUMMY!!!!!!
What's dinner without my bf and my hot favourite CRANBERRY JUICE?! Double shiokness!!! OR even triple. Ha!
I thought the saute mushrooms were splendid. =)

We strolled around hoping to spot my father who clubs pretty often BUT in vain. Boo.

I love our Friday night.

Another thing, I've gotta go to my grandmother's house soon man. It's like a theme park there with games, cute children and A DOG. Haha.. I'm gonna steal it home if it's cute. Hahaha..

Till then, sweet dreams.

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