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♥ Sunday, June 29, 2008 ♥

My dearest cousin's wedding.
I'm really lazy to put them together.
It's impossible to upload every the entire file toooooo.. hahha

I was soooo tired the whole day. I think I drank a little too much the night before + I didn't sleep. My eye bags are killing me!!!! Booooo!

I thought my hair looked sexy in here. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

My arms looked FAT! Mr photographer.. ANGLES PLS.... XD

I know I looked sulky la... HAHAHAH.. I thought Cherilyn was really pretty in this picture.

2:11 AM

♥ Saturday, June 28, 2008 ♥

Day 4-8 in Taiwan will be posted when....... I'm not that lazy. hahhaha

Seriously, I've got tonnes of things to talk about. Baby's Birthday, Cousy Pamela's Wedding, Puddles, Tea with the Tai Tais, weekends, clothings, my cartoon which I bought from Taiwan, OH! and a wedded fling, etc etc.

BAHAHHHAHAHA.... Wedded fling. Apparently, this guy whom I got to know during my cousin's wedding, kept sending me smses. (If you are thinking, my number is EVERYWHERE on the "number to call list" I was helping out in a way) EH! tell me la... Who in the world would send me smses in the morning or afternoon or even evening to ask for my day?! Only my girl friends and boyfriend right?! NOT A MARRIED MAN! THAT'S SO WRONG. He should just sms his wife. Oh oh, this morning, he smsed good morning and since I didn't reply the day before, I thought it would be polite to sms him a "morning" back. So anyways, he replied, "just woke up?" Excuse me, must I inform you? Like that, must i reply in my fullest bimbotic way, "ya.. lying in bed with a lolli in my hands" Bahahahahah.. Aiya.. I thought it was funny. My boyfriend wouldn't.

This morning, after feeding my cutest little thing, I got a call from baby. We were gonna catch the show "10 promises to my dog". I CRIED LIKE A DOG but a girl behind my seat was worse. She cried like somebody had literally died infront of her. Bloody loud and exaggerating! It was a good show. Boyfriend secretly shed a tear. hahahaha.

It was KBOXing in the evening after 219737823741873 years! The people next door were deaf tone. I'm not lying.

Baby's Birthday was a simple one. I....... cooked! Magnificent cod fish steak along with whipped potatoes and fresh veggies. I thought it was good. Bought wine and he got his gift the day before. =) Happy 26th.

Cousin's wedding, last Saturday. Pictures? still downloading. Mega big file la! I was the jie mei at the door. Other than the groom, who is a ALL SO NICE MAN, the brothers are not fun. They didnt eat my bitter gourd, eat Mel's wasabi sandwich, and MY LIME! kns. Oh... Joo Seng (the groom) has TWO DOGS in his house. So cute, so cute. It was a long day............... Luckily mum booked a room and we had pizza from Trapizza for tea. Super powerly shiok! Long night long night.. wait till I post all the pictures =) wait and see. ha!

I must complain la! The Pets cafe along Thomson came up with this ridiculous rule! I swear I'll never patronize there again. They expect us to leash the dogs in the cafe. Explain the logic behind this pls. The tables and chairs are getting in the way! Don't they understand that our pets will run around and leashes will tangle?! Stupid I tell you. I'd rather head down to MS even though IT'S SO MUCH FURTHER!

Alright, end of bitchings and complainings. Just a summary though. NEXT TIME! GOOD NIGHT!!

1:20 AM

♥ Wednesday, June 25, 2008 ♥


After a disgusting breakfast, we took a tour of the impressive TRAOKO GORGE. Seriously a beautiful place. Snapped endless pictures there. I've never seen anything like it. =)

Following, we went over to the Lingzhi Centre for the obvious reasons. And continued to Taitung to visit the Chulu Ranch. HEY! The yogurt was FANTASTIC!!!!!! Really really fresh milk was sold and icecream, and yogurt, and sweets, and chocolates, and cakes, etc.... I love love love love it!

Then the stupidest night of ALL TIMES. Hot spring in a bath tub. RETARDED OR WHAT?! I thought we suppose to have somewhere proper? LIKE IN THE NATURE?! Stupid I tell you. We travelled for 3 long hours to find ourselves soaking in the tub.

Hahaha.. I thought day 3's post would be LONGGGGG.. but I guess I'm too lazy to elaborate.


HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:46 PM

♥ Monday, June 23, 2008 ♥

This movie's gonna be awesome. I was at the dog run yesterday, and a lady told me to prepare a box of tissue. hahaha.. She said Puddles looked just like Socks in that movie. =) (look on the left. yes? =D)

So yea.. I found the 10 commandments. I thought it was quite sweet.


11:22 AM

♥ Sunday, June 22, 2008 ♥

It has been a crazy week! Busy with I don't know what and I'm dead beat!!! This time, I can just fall a sleep while typing but I just have to whine before doing so!!!
My sister just had to add on to this. FUCK! I'm totally pissed like no other.

She caused Puddles to injure her leg/s and so what if it's just an accident. The point is, she's hurt and I don't know what will come because of this.

I'd to get to the vet tmr and I've to hail a cab WITH A DOG. That's the most difficult thing to do now, considering she's big and injured. Then I've to spend a huge bomb on medical fees. THIS wouldn't have happened if she's more careful AND IF SHE REMEMBERED THAT SHE'S JUST A PUPPY despite her size! The boiling part is, she pretended to be aslp and push this shit away. fuck! I know you'll be reading this.

TMD! The more I write the more I boil. You know how worried to see her limping EVERYTIME?! That must hurt alot. Seriously a bitch.

11:20 PM

♥ Thursday, June 19, 2008 ♥


After the disgusting breakfast provided by the resort, we proceeded to Chuifen, the filming site of 'City of Sadness'. (Like whatever! Btw, which drama is that?!)
But located up in the hills, the old fashioned way of life and the aura of an old mining town was felt. We tried the famous dessert which I forgot the name. And the sotong! It was yummy. I bought my all so expensive leather bag there. DAMN NICE!!! =P

Next was to Yilan National Centre for Traditional Arts. Phew, that name was LONG. hahaha. Anyways, we bought lotsa goodies back from there. Aiya.. pictures will do the talking.

Thereafter, we travelled to Hualien by train and caught the Ami aboriginal cultral show. That was interesting. Anyhow, we had to settle our dinner and THAT WAS THE MOST HORRIBLE FOOD I'VE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE. Looks good, tasted wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beyond your imagination, in a bad way. PUI!!!

Day 3's gonna be a long update. So till next time, stay tune!

5:00 PM

♥ ♥


Auntie Helen, Claud and Carmen gave us a surprise by sending us off in the early afternoon. They are just so sweet, aren't they? The 1st day was rather a short one. A 4 hours flight landed us in Taiwan. The so called new airport didn't look nice at all. Even T1 beats it. hahaha. Boarded the bus (3/4 of our time's spent travelling) and headed for dinner! Our 1st dinner in Taiwan. Wait for it......... wait for it............

(if baby was there, he'd rather kill himself. hahaha)

The 1st and best meal there. The rest sucked to the core.
They have flavours like mango, oolong tea, black beans and etc. I think the original ones are the nicest.

With our stomaches filled to the brim, we then found ourselves in Ximending. Sadly we were given only one and a half hours to shop. Boooo! Despite the given time, I bought quite a bit. =) Oh the duck feet, wings, inlets and tongues were AWESOME!!!!!! We had to even queue! I swear it was gooooooooood!

And that's day 1.

12:00 PM

♥ Wednesday, June 18, 2008 ♥

The last Thursday before I left for Taiwan was spent with my bf in town. I think he was collecting his No.1 then we head down Suntec for some marketing which was so fun =) I love love love marketing especially when the trolley's filled to the brim!

Anyways, we had lunch over at Waraku-MS. The fish role was awesome. Everything's damn good la!

And since my bf was on duty the following day, I had a simple dinner with my mum in town. Guess where?! hahahhaha.. FOOD REPUBLIC!!!! Shit load of people!!! oh, tourist! and food were seriously OVER PRICED like nobody's business. The beef noodles cost $6 in a FOOD COURT! SIAO!

Met Nick, YP and Zac for supper over at Thomson and we went PRAWNING TOO!!! Andddddddddddd.... we didn't manage to catch any prawns!!! it must be because we are beautiful people. Bahahahhhaha.. eh, how come the fat and ugly managed to catch SO MANY?!

Puddles had grown quite abit after I came home. Bigger than what it seems in the picture. haha. So cute!
Weekends were good. BF treated mum to dinner at the yatch club. THE CEREAL PRAWNS WERE INCREDIBLY GOOD!!!! hahaha...


About my ear, I had to visit the ENT department over at Alexendra Hospital this afternoon. Boy, I almost break a needle when the Doctor inserted it into my ear!!! FUCK PAIN I TELL YOU! I think I was behaving extremely comical in there. haha. Whatever la. Now, my right ear is temporary deaf because of the shit load of antibiotics inserted into my ears. Sigh, I've to go back on Friday to get my ears cleaned and MORE antibiotics. There'll be a dinner that night was well as the next and I'm gonna be SOOOOOOOOOOO UGLY. =( BOOOOOOO!!!!!

10:16 PM

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