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♥ Thursday, November 29, 2007 ♥

It's finally a Thursday today and I'm now in the library waiting for my beloved cousin to finish her test. Well, it has been a long day and you know what? I'm contemplating if I should have dinner somewhere further. I still miss the yummy mutton satays very much although I had it as supper last night. Heehee. Smell it, smell the word... FAT!

I was basically stoning the entire day because there isn't much to do for Hospitality and Retail Management module. You know, lately, I haven't been punctual for school and it has become a habbit. It's just so torturing rushing to school in the morning and still marked as late for class. I've given up the day the car was gone. Oh ya! Did I mention that I knocked a girl down on purpose? I meant, her bag flew! Haha.. That's for reminding her to have the courtesy to allow passangers from alighting the train before boarding. As I was saying, knowing that I'll be late as usual, I had Ya Kun toasts for breakfast with my mother. Weeeee~

School has been freezing cold, that's causing my nails to turn blueish purple and no wonder I can never fully recover from cold. Sigh, sigh, sigh. There's a stupid kid in the library who is so unhygienic (he's sucking his fingers and dealing with the public computer at the same time) and from all the boredom, I wanna smack his face. KID'S SHOULDN'T BEEN IN THE *umhmm* "Adult's" library. Ha!

Argh!! I'm so bored, SO DAMN BORED and hungry.
I think I'm gonna take a short nap.

4:29 PM

♥ Tuesday, November 27, 2007 ♥

Damn pissed off with my irritating sister. She just can't get off my nerves; Bloody Kapo.
Life's every much the same, sick and all. The cough NEVER seems to go away and the diarrhea...

Anyways, during school yesterday, we were talking about the bible. Yes, you aren't seeing it wrong. It's rather scary when things happened just as what it's written. I believe the world will come to an end. The earth's magnetic field is getting weaker day by day as the moon's moving further. =( Oh ya! They found the arc! Everything already seems so real.
I need to get a bible soon. =) Till then, Beat, share with me the interesting contents ok.

NOW, I'm pestering my mum to get me the Burberry cosmatic bag. I want either the pink or brown one. Pretty, simple and I really need one. My current Dior has turned into some torn and tattered pasa malam bag. Hahaha.. It's beyond recognition!!! Guess what?! I bought Her World, dec issue, got a free cosmatic bag and I'm using it. IT'S GOLD in color. Quite nice lei... haha..

WHEN IS THE SALE!!!!!!! Can't wait.
I was reading the mag and I'm eyeing on SOOOOO many items, from dresses to shoes to little cute nothings. I've circled them. There's one eye candy I've got to get! THAT yellow dress! Uber pretty!!!!

It's Wednesday tmr!!!!!!!!! Yayness. AND my sister wouldn't be home! Righteous!!!!!

10:47 PM

♥ Sunday, November 25, 2007 ♥

once again, HAPPY MONTHSARY!!!!!

We supposed to climb this afternoon at Safra Yishun. After buying my happy meal, we drove back and we realized they were having a function. The wall was closed. BOOO! It was actually a blessing in disguise, it started to pour after we reached home.

We got ourselves ready and went for dinner at Holland Village.
And n.y.d.c, that was....
I love it when we talk about everything under the sun and the every moment we shared.

After dinner, we had some awesome ice creams =)

This wraps up my wonderful weekend.
School tmr........ BORING~

10:23 PM

♥ ♥

It has past mid night, so... Happy Monthsary baby! =*)

Saturday was practically staying in. My bf bought my sis and me lunch.
My bf was so sweet, we waited for the delivery man. ok, I slept. =P
We had a little tiff before leaving home.
Sigh... He wanted to catch a movie I like while I wanted to catch a movie he likes. We both meant good but it must be our tones. Haha..

I love happily-ever-afters

Went over to his place to rest before I came home to find that there's a surprise waiting for me!!! Thank you daddy!!!!!
I'm showered with love and gifts.
My new bag from Burberry,
And makeup set from Dior, its in a very pretty pink case! Addicted!!!

My bf was right, I don't need a credit card afterall. =*)
Yay!! I can't wait for our date tmr *winks*
Thank you for tonight

1:17 AM

♥ Saturday, November 24, 2007 ♥

I thought I felt better after yesterday, I was wrong. *LONG ENTRY*
Read on and you'll know why... Boo ='(

Right after school today, I met Tracy and we took a cab down to Clarke Quay. KNN! The cab driver tried to cheat my money. From BKE, AYE then back to CTE, SLE. Travel the WHOLE of Singapore just to get to my destination. Of course I didnt allow myself to get cheated and I was obviously pissed off la. I guess he knew I found out his mean doings somehow. He told me to pay him whatever I thought he deserved. Seriously, I actually thought of not even paying a single cent but whatever, we paid $14. Do you think I'm paying too much, from School to Town? Mean cabbies, better watch your arses.

White shoes, white socks, bown pouch, white top, welcome to Hooters!
(I guess that's their cheer. Haha.. something like that.)
HOOTERS that was....
We chilled till the night falls.

We had wings & curly fries.
Drinks (me): Cranberry juice (my FAVOURITE), Pepsi
Drinks (her): Mango juice, Root beer

We can't even finish 1/3 of the food we ordered. But damn wasted right?! DABAO!!!!! Ultimate auntieness.. hahah

We then walk through the Cannery in the night. DAMN! So damn beautiful la!

Whenever I walk pass any pretty dessert place, I'll tend to pause for a while.
I couldn't resist it although we were so full. I just had to sit there!
Drinks again (me): Chocolate Minty Mocha
Drinks again (her): Caramel Latte

Queued for a cab. And this cab driver was VERY nice. =*) I really appreciate little things people do to show concern.
SOOOOOO, having to stomach cranberry juice, pepsi and coffee weren't a brillant idea. I felt horrible. I was feeling sick and I'd to rush home to puke. I puked totally everything I've eaten and the feeling to continue puking when there isn't any more food left in my tummy feels SOOOOOOOOO bad. I listened to Mr friendly cab driver to take my panadol once I got home. =*)

My baby came for me and he massaged my tummy. I felt so much better and I finally had the ginger tea he persuaded me to drink. I'm feeling quite alright for now.

Got home and I was chatting with my best friend. She made me feel so guilty for not asking her out today. But it was because I thought her lessons were ending late. ='( I almost cried I tell you, I didn't know she was joking.

It was weird when she asked me if I was having a running nose while talking to her. Haha.. I lied. I was actually on the verge of tears, which I told her in the end la. Paisey boy! =P I love our regular dosage of juicy gossips! I love my BEST FRIEND! =)

2:21 AM

♥ Thursday, November 22, 2007 ♥

The flu bug somehow stopped bugging me. The Panadol Cold Relief really helps and I can't believe how effective it was! Haha. Oh well, say bye bye to the mean bug. BUT I guess I've passed the bug back to my bf. So sorry.....

The night was great with my bf, Mr Mohly. We chatted on topics which I'll still bring up 10yrs later and perhaps even on his death bed. He asked me what are the little things that makes me happy everyday. And so, it still keeps me thinking.
*Him (there's like too many things to mention)
*Getting ready with my own sweet time
*My bottle of cranberry juice
*My stuffed cow
*My improving skin
*My non fiction books
*Cam whoring
*Preparing to go out
*My bed
*My dried flowers
*My body lotion
*My air con

Ok.. this can go on and on and on for sure.

It just these little things that ends my day with a smile =*)

Oh crap! my pinkie toe nail chipped off, like the whole thing! Ouch!!!
Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Great! I've got plans already!!! Weee~
But thanks to my sister, I've gotta stay in on Saturday. TMD! What does her new tv gotta do with me?!

Got to RUNNNNN! School tmr. =*)

10:32 PM

♥ ♥

Wee~ It's finally up.
I'll get this site going as soon as I got something nice to blog about.
The other blog is gone for good.

Alright, I'll be back. the Flu is killing me.

5:50 PM

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