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♥ Sunday, February 24, 2008 ♥

I seem to be gasping for air recently. So many things have been going on, from mine to his and to ours. Whenever a problem arises, I can't help to believe that it's my fault. Prolly things happened because of me indirectly.

Sometimes, people whom I think as, well, call them friends, aren't friends. To even thought that they'd say some mean things. They might perchance, met their greatest fear named jealously.
One, other friends are treating us better than him and fearing that he might be on the verge of losing his friends.
Two, we are better than him, in terms of my bf's position at work and also perhaps having a better looking gf than he does, me. (Haha. eh.. I'm not pretty but seriously better off than her. Okk.. just laugh. wahahah..)
Three, I haven't thought of it YET. Oh, Just thought of it a sec ago. HE HAS GOT NO LIFE!

Seriously what the hell is his PROBLAMO????

Next, as I said, my life has been cloudy. Finding a suitable job and my studies. Oh yes, I've found one which I'm not really fond of but what to do? I don't have a choice. The money is GOOD andddd the name sounds good too. Haha. Don't play play ok.. uhm hmm.. *pulling up my tie proudly* Sales and Marketing Executive now. wahahhaha. Oh well, for awhile before I get sick of it. For now, before I get my cert, studies, step aside.

Bf's having a tough life now, adpating to the change of his working environment and all. And things that happened during the night. Not that it's new or something but everytime it happened, seriously, it's affecting. It's the aftermath whenever he said his piece. I don't even know what to do. But of course I overheard the conversation and to know that she's still unaware of the consequences. Perhaps I'm not in the right position to judge anything pertaining to this matter. I'm sick of it least talking about my bf who had been through this for god know how long.

I've said my piece. I'm starting work on Monday and we'll see how it goes. And bye bye to my most cherished Saturdays. =( Love love to Saturdays man.

Anyways, I saw this from my neighbour's blog. Bloody funny. Just watch. Ha!

1:32 AM

♥ Thursday, February 21, 2008 ♥

It was rather warm but life's sometimes kind. We found ourselves a cosy little spot to settle down. The breeze really made things seemed calm. The smell of pizza made us hungry too. YES, I said pizza. We were right beside Trapizza but we skipped that this time, my cousy Candice and friends made way tooo much food. They said it was for 60 people. Haha.. They were darn funny especially Yani. =) We were at Sentosa!

While waiting for them, Shuan and I parked our butts at the beach, the cosy spot. She told me so many stories and that got me stucked with Discovery Channel the entire night. Shit! Ha!!

It's been a long time since we baked ourselves in the sun. I love times like this. Oh then we realized, OUR RESULTS WERE OUT YESTERDAY! Hurray!!!! I've graduated! And I'll be attending the ceremony on the 26 of March.

After baking ourselves for some time, we found ourselves in our private Jacuzzi at Siloso Beach Resort. Sweet~

Kim and I will be checking in next mth AGAIN! I can't wait. For now, I've to fill my tummy. =))

2:21 PM

♥ Tuesday, February 19, 2008 ♥

Dear Diary

I'm feeling extremely vexed about my educational path. Please tell me where I should study. SAA for an ACCA cert OR just a degree in Accountancy. Considering that my GPA sucks and I'm not that smart either.

Holidays have been terrible because I've got nothing better to do then to get so upset about all these arrangements which would be affecting my life.

I'm sick of these and I'm going to take a nap yet AGAIN.


4:36 PM

♥ ♥

I'm getting excited with our little stayover coming along. Oh my sweet darling, it's gonna be Trapizza, the sun, the sand and the sea. Lets pray it doesn't rain this year =)Oh even if it were to rain there's always DISCOVERY CHANNEL. I can never get over it. Hahaha.

Hopefully we'll also be able to find a quiet spot by the beach, gazing stars. And prolly see shooting stars =) You can count on my démodé blue mat. Lets bring Moët & Chandon (love at 1st sight, totally), strawberries and cream.

We'll probably have a series of plans. This time I'd wanna plan, may I?

Considering that the clock has past midnight, its a Tuesday. I need a job!! I'm so bored at home. Pray for Friday!! =)

12:57 AM

♥ Monday, February 18, 2008 ♥

My wallet's FINALLY arrived. Not so fantastic afterall. It's overpriced for once. So dumb.

Saturday was practically staying in during the day and to Chris's house in the night. Well before that, like many Singaporeans, my bf and I went over to T3 just to take a peek! There were many retail outlets and I was a tad excited seriously. Haha! Lotsa Restaurants and they even had a better looking Popeye there, I meant, the restaurant looked more appealing there la..

Oh yes, While walking down the stairs, I almost break my legs. Holy SHIT, I fell down. I think I got it strained or something. OR am I putting on weight and that my feet couldn't even handle anymore??? So embarrassing!! Hahaha.. Whatever!

Yup, we strolled a little and went down Chris's house. Bloody hell, we lost $150 that night. I thought I literally had an incision up my throat without anaesthetic. Thattt baddd. Haha. It's all good now after a fantabulous day with my bf, again, at our very own Sentosa.

I just had to share my Sunday's breakfast, Dim sum with an extra zess. Singapore's best egg tart. Totally yummy. Some joy there. Hees.

We had to join in the fun at the Flower Exhibit, QUEUEING! Hahah.. Not that bad la.. I was joking. Strolling can be fun at times and we even wanted to rent a bicyle to cycle. Obviously we didn't. =) I love walking at the beach when the sun isn't that scorching too.
We had our fair share of teasing each other and it has already been our daily affair. =)

Dinner was good at Trapizza. Pizza was way too yummy not fogetting it's a HUGE PORTION!

Look!!! My bf even got SOOOO TOUCHED after a bite. Haha. Joking!!!

I was touched by his gesture =) Indeed sweet. Immediately after my quick shower, he volunteered to massage my foot with some cream and even bought me Salompas. TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL, totally. =) After these years, I guess I finally agree that I've found the one.

12:53 AM

♥ Saturday, February 16, 2008 ♥

This post is just for my best friend who is bugging me to share my night with her. =)
It'll be short and sweet.

My sweet Valentine. Thank you my baby for the dinner which turned out brilliant. We dined at Shangri La- the line. Valentine fell on the right day, I'd say. It was Marine Harvest. Lobsters, Crabs, Oysters, Vongole, Sashimi, Pasta, etc etc etc... Just too many to mention. Oh and we had Champagne too. We had a little box that allowed us to take away some cindies. The heart shaped one was super yummy!!!

Although it was a short night, it was full of love and company.
Allow the pictures to speak....

We caught the Ah Long movie tonight. Nice but not as good as compared with the other Jack Neo's productions.
Damn it, my wallet still have not arrive. Sigh.. I'm getting impatient. Hopefully tmr! =P

Oh yes.. one more. My little gift for my darling. Take a closer look at the choc. CHEEKY!!! All so cute. Hees

2:06 AM

♥ Wednesday, February 13, 2008 ♥

Boy time does fly! It's been 2 weeks since I've graduated, sort of. My dad's been bugging me to look for a job rather than to waste my time sleeping. Sometimes, I'm impressed with my ability when it comes to looking for A JOB. Within 5mins, walah! It comes knocking on my door. So, if everything goes well, I'll start work on Friday.

And as EVERYONE knows, tomorrow's Valentines day. Seriously, I don't know what's up my bf's sleeve other than a good dinner at Shangri La. IT'S A THURSDAY!!! Marina Harvest!! The only day where literally everything's seafood. Even the stupid breadstick has squid ink ok. Haha.. Don't remind me of the desserts..... Awwwww... I'm already fastening my seat belts.

Oh yes! Finally, my bloody wallet will be arriving on Friday and I don't even know how it looks like. Stupidddddddd.

I was shopping on Monday with my mum and aunt, and again, I bought myself a dress. Seriously speaking, I don't know if it's really that nice. Perhaps, I just need to get something SINCE everybody's buying something! haha.. temptation! Ya, put me in temptation island and you'll see me hooking up some other people in split seconds too. Haha.

We had Tea at Royal Park Hotel which was quite good. Chatted ALOT and I laughed as if I was at home. The stories auntie Helen told was hilarious!!!!!!!! Hhahahaha.
Then to digest our little tummies, we went shopping over at DFS and auntie Helen finally bought a bag from LV. Practically EVERYTHING was out of stock. Damn irritated. Why always like that huh?????????

Kk, till then. I need to hit the hay! LONG day tomorrow. =*)

9:34 PM

♥ Monday, February 11, 2008 ♥

OMG!! My days were piled up with endless visitings and activities. Happy Lunar New Year to all =)
Is it me or has the mood really gone down? CNY seems to get more and more quiet don't you think? Anyways, it's a season to enjoy catching ups with the entire family and I'm still counting the relatives I HAVE YET to visit. Haha! Oh ya, not forgetting the GOODIES!

Reunion Dinner
I always loved steamboats during the reunion dinner every year yet it has been different last year and this year. =( Boohoo. I haven't even have the chance to see the pot itself! Damn sad I tell you! Nevertheless, THE FOOD DIDN'T FAIL ME! Oh, one of my cousin was really a pig. Damn greedy as usual. Despite knowing that the rest of the people have not reached, she practically finished almost half the plate of abalone HERSELF. OMG!!! Not a small plate, IT'S A BIG BIG PLATE! Seriously, it's BLOODY MALU. Save some for others la!!!! I think she filled her tummy with only abalones for dinner. That's really siao. Spot her from the pictures, not that difficult, the one with the tummy. Hahaha..
I must have steamboat on FRIDAY!!! Craving for it already! Tsktsk, that's the kick start of the New year!!!

The night was fun, we even had sparkles, wine, sparkling wine, fresh fruits and Yu Sheng, apart from the main dishes. When the clock struck 12, we had CHENG TING the traditional Teochew style. Damn shiok!!! Lights were switched on and house work came to a halt!!! Yeahness. Poor me, I miss my maid. =(

Enough said, Here are the pictures for the day:

Chu Yi
We quickly got up, prepared ourselves and off we went to my grand's house. I love love love my maternal side's cooking! Ho Si Fatt Choy was the best creation ever. Although there'll bound be the same dish in each household, the taste of each individual is surprisingly different. =) I love love love them all!

Luke got himself a gf, and she's the 1st girl he brought home. I love her blue eyes. I wanna get myself an angmoh already! Just for the blue eyes. Haha.

Next, we visited my eldest uncle from my paternal side and my little nephew's darn cute. I was so tempted to pinch his rosy cheeks and a little girl's on her way too =) excited already!!!!!

I got to pretend to be Paris Hilton because Cherlyn's bag's sooo cute. I can kao tao to her. The great pretender!!! Don't get cheated by her pretty face, she's not that docile!!! Haha.. She share the same hobby, to disturb everybody and that loud noisy character!

The day was long, it was then to my grand uncle's house and lastly my house. That's when the gambling began. My darling bf and I won $70 that night. =) And he'd already won a tank of petrol at his side before that. My little lucky thang!!!

Chu Er
We visited my uncle from my maternal side. We sang a little, gambled a little and off to my bf's house for awhile before heading to my godma's house and THEN to auntie helen's house. Plans were so packed. We also had to visit Kim's uncle and that's when our mood changed. My bf's face was so black the whole night and everytime I asked, he said he's fine. I'm his gf and of course I know when he's happy and when he's not right. Don't siao siao ok. Haha. He kept asking me what time I wanna leave and I thought it would be nice if we could leave after the Yu sheng, afterall, auntie helen spent lotsa time preparing it. During the period of waiting, his brother was rushing him, and he was rushing me. Damnnnnnnnn, I broke down. I admit I was having my PMS. But all the rushing made me nuts and not forgetting having not enough slp! Long story, but everything's fine now. =) He knows how to put the smile back on my face.

Chu San
My dad's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!
We had a short lunch together because my dad's a super busy man on his big day. He kept bragging that ALL of his friends wanted to treat him to meals. His nonsenses and him! Andddddddd... He got the cheek to ONLY anounce that he's "finally 36 years old" DADDY!! YOU ARE 48!!!! Get over it!!! Hahahahah.

Oh yes, I was supposed to meet my Secondary school friends for a visit at my teacher's place, but it was cancelled the last min. Sooooo, after lunch, I happily went over to my boyfriend's place and then to his grand's place. The baby pictures of his couins and him were way tooooo cute. I bet our kid's gonna be damn cute too. hahah.

We went back to my grand's house for a little bit and then to auntie helen's house for more gambling session! I won a little that day too! After a long day, we managed to catch the movie starring Jay Chou. BOY IT WAS GOOOOOOOOOOD!!! He's cute in that movie. For a little relaxation, I'll give 3 out of 5 popcorns.

Chu Si
I had to rest my body mind and soul. Damn tired!!!
And the last place for this week, my bf's aunt's place. Food was good and gambling with the children was fun! And I've made a bit of money from it! haha. Oh I've learnt a new game, THE DA; XIAO game. You know the one that's always played in the underground gambling den? Yes that!! And I've madeeeeeeeeeeee.... $4. Hahah.. Play so hard, win so little. Not fun la! Hahaha..

Alright, more entries some other days. I've enjoyed my CNY I hope you have too. =)
Hugs and Good night.

2:24 AM

♥ Wednesday, February 6, 2008 ♥

Tomorrow's the Eve of Chinese New Year! And I'm quite excited about collecting ang baos! Today had been hectic running from Khatib (for curry), AMK (for all the yadaa yadaa stuffs) and then to Ikea just to get that slab of salmon. The crowd was overwhelming I couldn't even find my food because they are all blocking my way. Okkk.. It's because I'm SHORTTTTTTT! Damnnnn. Hahaha.

I think I ate so DAMN alot today. Duck noodles, Pig's inlets, duck wings, rice (at Km's place), Takopachi, and sushi.

Slacked around at my bf's place as usual. I love the way we disturb each other.

More updates tmr!!! Got to run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, my lovely bag. I didn't know I've got such long eye lashes. And it's not make up today. A little pale though.... =*)

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUAT AR!

1:10 AM

♥ Sunday, February 3, 2008 ♥

I can't wait for VALENTINES!!!! At one of my favourite place, my bf said!
Yippy! I've finally graduated from the all so boring Republic Polytechnic and boy I bet this school isn't recognised. No exemptions for my course in Uni. Boohoo! This is really sick! Now I've got to waste more time. Anyways, my bf and I MIGHT be staying over in Australia for perhaps 2 years or better... FOREVER? We'll seeeeee. Haha.. This is exciting!!

(A min ago I just kapoh a burberry bag which my dad just bought yesterday! Hhahaha.. Apparently, he kept telling me that it wasn't for me BUT IT'S IN MY HANDS!!)

Shopping for CNY clothes have always been a dread. I hate looking for clothings, I'd rather bump into something out of the blue. I'm so happy happy happy!! Now that I've got my new bag! I can't wait for my wallet which my dad said I'VE TO PAY IT MYSELF! Shit!! My poor ang bao money. He had been eyeing on my ang baos a long time ago!!! Haha. Whatever. After shopping the entire day, we stopped by cream bistro for a glass of honey lemon and continued shopping. Luckily our bf's came to pick us up. And dinner was at some noodle place.

As I said I've graduated. It's rather sad to leave the place when my friends and I shared memorable times together. From disturbing one another to molesting. =) We'll sure meet up soon, hopefully.

Our very own graduation party was held at st james! Super fun!!! Our new dance moves and all. I drank toooooo much that night seriously.
I've got to wake up 6am in the morning to puke and the hang over was badddddddd. Sleepy, moody and all. We had to get ourselves out of bed to attend baby Jae's 1st birthday party!! He's so cute. Afterwhich, baby and I went shopping for clothings and we manage to bump into a pair of pretty shoes. He bought them on the spot! Sweet!!! I wonder why men shop so quickly, without having to think thatttttt much. Hahaha. He bought a few others and we headed home for some rest.

I cooked dinner which turned out a little too salty. =( I think he forced himself to finish everything. Awwww... That's sweet but pls don't do that in future. I don't want you to die of kidney failure. =P

I hate Sundays before CNY. The spring cleaning and all is driving me nuts. And shopping for SOOOOOOO many things is damn tiring you know. So Happy Chinese New Year in advance!!! Good night.

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