Under The Same Moonlight
so far away

♥ Wednesday, April 30, 2008 ♥

Life's been pretty good even when my bf's not in town.
Anyhow, he's been really a sweet tongue these days too.

On a random day I received his sms, "Baby.. Heart so sour... Miss you. Remember to eat, I love you."

How sweet can he get! hees....

And out in the middle of the sea, I received another sms "Baby, I love you. I'm out at sea, keeping watch."

He even smsed me even though he's busy keeping watch. Awwww.. Damn sweet.

The Ultimate sweetness.. He called me when he's around Indonesia. Seriously, I didn't expect anything like this. =)

When life seems so down, just remember Puddles and I will always be there.
Oh, now I've to share my love with Puddles. hahhaha..
I can't wait for weekends, he'll be home =)

Awwww.. I'm loved and that feels good.
I wanna powder my Puddles now. Bye!

11:54 AM

♥ Tuesday, April 29, 2008 ♥

For some reasons, I'm feeling damn weird when my belle, Puddles, not sleeping beside me today. On another note, I feel lucky not to bring her home this morning. I'll post it next time. I'm gonna go over to my bf's to check her out.

2:27 PM

♥ Sunday, April 27, 2008 ♥

Team RP's BBQ Gathering over at Nick's and I brought Puddles along. That pretentious little fellow hid at a corner when she 1st reached the place. Just when she started warming up, you should see... naughty little one there. Anddddddd.. my bf is tired out because of her.

I brought her home this afternoon and she SHIT in my room. damn it. hahha.. that poor girl didn't eat yesterday because she was CHOOSY! We bought her some wet food and she dived into the bowl like a glutton. tsktsk!

That's her chou chou. haha

The night was soooooo fun and I should be collecting $5/taken photo's of Puddles. She was a STAR! hahahahah.. Damn funny. Food was good especially the prawns. Thanks Ying Pei and Nick for have me. =)

Now, the pictures.

My favourite girl, Ying Pei. hahaha.. (ok.. I know you are reading this)

With Caron and Erin

Zac and Erin.

Best friend, Nickopower! hahahahah


Team RP!!!! WE SOLD MIOTV!!! no joke, we sell best! =D

3:05 AM

♥ Saturday, April 26, 2008 ♥

My happy happy 5th Anniversary and it's just another day with extra ZESSES!!
Lunch was a simple affair at the famous Katong Laksa. I'm embarrass to say it's my 1st time there. Laksa's different the best part was it's air conditioned!! hahah..

Immediately after that, my bf and I headed to the pet shop to find Puddles.
Sooooooooo My 21st Birthday came 5 months earlier =*)
She's soooo cute and really shy. Pretentious la!!! hahaha... My little Puddles is a good girl, leaving out the peeing part. hahah.. My bf's complaining like mad. haha.. Yes still potty training.

Yesterday saw us in Sentosa and we tried breaking the ice but she's bloody Diao!!! Irriating... only after a day, she's finally herself. So cute.

We share the same hobby. We sleep like a PIG!!!!! she's sleeping now btw. Snuggling at a corner with her little boaster.

Thank you baby.
Dinner was good at Trapizza.

Alright, the pictures will do the talking, Puddle needs me! =P
Oh yes, Nick's house later!!!!!!

The usual pizza.
The normal Caesar salad.
Little Italy Salad was all so good boy!

3:57 PM

♥ ♥

A short post


And presenting............ Puddles! nooooooooottttt Poodle!

cute isn't she? =D Wearing my Giorgio Armani Shades from baby =)

Alright, more tmr

1:01 AM

♥ Friday, April 25, 2008 ♥

I'm in a foul mood and the Bangalahs below my blk ought to die. Those brainless bosses of theirs are soooooooo selfish and STUPID! "7 early, 8 early" Drill drill drill.

I slpt at 6am last night and I was woken up at 8+am! Such an ass.

Anyhow, I was browsing through the web and I seriously think breeding is inhuman and it should be banned!!!

Pup Mill, heard of it?
Seriously, it's cruel, evil and terrible. Google it, watch the videos. The dogs are really pitiful. If government don't do anything, I doubt we could. Sigh.... poor thing. Sigh...

Before leave my room for the piano, I'd like to say... pup's name shall be Puddles. I wonder how will my bf think of this. Hees..

9:09 AM

♥ Thursday, April 24, 2008 ♥

GOD DAMN EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm posting this immediately after I got the good news from baby!

He told me if I like the possible snowby- the one in Katong, we shall bring her home!!!!!!!!!

Tmr is the day I've been waiting for years!!!!!!!!!!!


On the other note, what if I don't like any of them there? It'll be an extreme anti-climax! I wanna end my day now!!!!

Camera- checked
Blood pressure- checked
Responsibility- CHECKED
Time- Checked
Motherly love- checked

I think I'm feeling nauseous now.

I'm out! =DDDDDDD

11:26 PM

♥ ♥

I've been lazing around at home, spending time with family and we might be going over to Bangkok! It'll prolly on Vesak Day! Nothing beats having fun with my favourite people- the Lee family! Not confirmed though. We'll see on Sunday =)


Very much elated these days.. Ahh~ hees....

Oh, I wanna go over to Katong tmr! I was searching the web and I saw the possible 2mth old snowby and the best part, its $1000 neg!!!!!!! hahaha.. Cheap or what? We'll have to go down to take a look 1st. They left with only 3 female.

Anyways, I was chatting with Jo online yesterday and I think I made her wanna have another puppy. haha.. I gave her ALLLLL the sites that sells pups in Singapore. Damn ON aye? haha.

And another one at Lim Chu Kang- can wait.

3:40 PM

♥ Wednesday, April 23, 2008 ♥

Counting down to 25th of April =)

And I've decided to stop teaching that China boy. He's getting on my nerves. Seriously, they are damn bloody cheapo. SO! I'll be totally free on the 25th too! Before he could even spoil my day, I get the ball rolling. =D

Now, What should I do tmr???

12:26 AM

♥ Monday, April 21, 2008 ♥

Sunday was a LONG DAY! I managed to wake up for breakfast with my bf. hahaha.. This is the only day during this whole freaking month! I woke up at 8.45am which was a GREAT DEAL! HA!
We met the others and went for the dive expo held at Suntec. Although I don't dive, I got myself a T-shirt. nehnehneh.. I never though of diving, NEVER! The algae are freaking me out! I'm all so frighten of the sea. During the visit at the expo, I went shopping after so after alone just to get my darling an ANNIVERSARY GIFT. Boy, I didn't know what to get! From Ralph Lauren to Timberland, to Raoul, and finally............. hahah.. Paris Miki. That cost a bomb but as long as he's happy, it's all worth it. =)

Climbing was next, at CSC. It was better than I thought but SHIT! I can't grab that grey shit and swing over! Maybe instead of trying to reach that red wall, I should try........ hooking my heel to the foothole beside the grey foothole where my right hand was ya? maybe maybe... I wanna try again soon.

Dinner was a simple affair and it was good. We had a whole load of shrimp dumplings and hor fun. AND, after dinner............ THE SEARCH GOES ON... for our little snowby. Hahaha. I can strongly sense that my bf's really excited to be a daddy soon! I love it when we are both talking about it the whole day long. =) I feel like we are becoming parents. hahaha.

I got home, bathed and laid flat in bed. My fingers are jellified. Strangely, my legs aren't feeling achy at all. Prolly the wrong technic. =) Supper later in the night and we talked about everything under the sun. Awesome!


By the way, this song playing's really sweet.

1:28 AM

♥ Sunday, April 20, 2008 ♥


I was happy like siao today!! TOTALLY AWESOME!!!
We lunch-ed at Ikea with lotsa FOOOOODDDDD! PUNA nice!!!!
Anyways, on our way to the car, my tummy was giving me problems, and ya, I had the best shit ever today. hahaha. Right afterwhich, we drove down to the farm and there were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many pups! I've never seen sooo many all at once!!! That little Golden caught my eye but it's bloody expensive!!! What Australia and all. The ones at Vivo's much cheaper!
So ya, in search for our cutest little darling, we came across this furball looking teddy poodle which "meows". It was SOO tiny =) awwww...

Alright, we found the possible snowby! She looked soooo... I don't know how should I put it, she had that "Pls.. bring me home" look written on that cute little face! I was sooooooooo excited!!!!

Hahaha.. we haven't got her home yet. SOOOOOOOON!
I'm so happy!!!!! My bf's SOOOO happy too, he finally found the series he was looking for, "The Unit".

I can't wait for tmr! Off to Suntec for the dive thingy going on then CLIMBING!!!

Can you feel how happy and excited I am????????!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
Oh yes, Macdonald's breakfast meal =*)

1:40 AM

♥ Saturday, April 19, 2008 ♥

During the late boring night, when I'm sooo darn bored and I can't seem to put myself to sleep, I thought "Wooow, I should do some baking!". Then just when I start to flip my recipes, I realize, THERE ISN'T ANY BUTTER IN THE FRIDGE! arghhhh!!!!

A fabulous idea but shit happens! Damn!! Maybeeeeeeee, *a light bulb suddenly appears* I should replace it with oil. =) I'll see to that but what do you know, I may not have enough oil at home too.


12:28 AM

♥ Friday, April 18, 2008 ♥

I had lunch with my bf this afternoon and we popped by a pet shop to ask more about snowby. Their conditions are rather ridiculous. Buy a dog without even having a chance to choose. Ehh.. It's not cheap you know. If you ask me to buy a 3 for $1 curry puff without having a chance to see or taste, I wouldn't mind. Don't like, throw away. Snowby's different, I wouldn't wanna throw her away AND I KNOW THE PAIN.

Last Wednesday, my little darling brought me to Sun and Moon for dinner. He made sure I'd my tummy filled. =) Thank you baby!! I had my usual foie gras and beef rice with LOTS of other sides. I love love love the rice roll with Tuna and the Oysters. Yumyum!!!

I can't wait for the 25th of April. OUR 5th Anniversary!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha.
My head's spinning the thought of getting him gifts!!! Men, what is there nice to buy?!

Alright gotta hit the hay. Tutoring tmr! Argh.. that china boy. Sucks.

2:16 AM

♥ Tuesday, April 15, 2008 ♥

FULL FULL!!! Everything up my throat!
I finally got to meet my bf who was really busy the pass few days. So to reward my hardworking little ant I treated him to Carnivorous. Hahaha. But because American Express has a 10% discount, he used his card instead of mine. HAHAHAHA. Treat, tell me about it. hahahah.

The food was ok but that literally bloody slab of beef was good! I love it when it's "soaked" in blood. I'm such a carnivore! ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, my contact len slipped off my right eye and it lied arrogantly on the wooden floor. I'm so gonna screw my lens after I finish blogging this. That shit seriously needs some groundings! Ok, back to the point, the service was remarkable. I think they saw me looking for my lens and guess what?! They guide me to the nearest basin in the restaurant. So sweet. And without a mirror, that shit can't seem to sit in properly into the eye. That waiter was darn sweet to guide me. Hhahahha.. He went "hmmm left.. oh.. up up.. ya. it's in!" I'm gonna write an email to thank them. =) It's exaggerated! hahaha.

My camera camera camera, poor cammie, all left alone in the dark and cold bag of mine. I'm so lazy to snap pictures of my day, unlike those days. And soon, this blog will be fill with nothing but WORDS, just like this entry. HOHOHO.

10:13 PM

♥ Monday, April 14, 2008 ♥

Happy for something and nothing

I'm happy that I've managed to push a Primary 2 tuition away. I'm so not in love with teaching. =) I'll stick with only one of my little girl because she's really sweet. And I've yet to kick the ass of my china student. Seriously, in fact he doesn't need an English teacher AND BOY, I'm lowly paid. He needs to get his ass to a language school instead. No English teachers would have to translate EVERY sentence in Mandarin. Anddddddddddd he doesn't even know the word "STUCK". I was cracking my brain to figure out how I should explain.

Ehhh.. have I complained about this before? Seems like it. hahahahahahah.

For some reasons, I don't have to teach today and I thought it was brilliant because my lovely bf's coming home. Not so great afterall. I hate the schedules, so packed and all. He'll be home LATE! ahdjshfskfjhdjvnwuiefn!!!!!!

It's raining right now, and I just got out of bed not too long ago. I'm waiting for my yummy order to arrive. =)

I was at Vivo shopping! Lunched at Marche and I met Damian. Thanks for that awesome pork knuckles. =) Damn good! hahahah.. maybe because it's FREE. hahahahahaha.
Shopping that day was well... ok.... I finally got my bikini which I've yet to buy last Thursday when I was vivo-ing with my bf. Hahaha. we.... QUARRELLED! =D Sounds funny now.

On a random day, my dad bought bbq crabs which were god damn good. I think the chilli was the booster. hahaha.

I just got a news, my bf wouldn't be back home today. The system is screwed. I think I plan better. stupid.

4:28 PM

♥ Sunday, April 13, 2008 ♥

This happened like donkey years ago and I'm pretty surprised that the story still existed. Seriously, not a good manner. Like what? Bitchings about us passing around bullshit? Like we even care. Even if we do talk about it randomly, it's mainly facts. How can one cook up such stories with no rhyme or reason? We are not even talking about it and consciences are clear. Don't make us sound mean. Ask around for the facts, not just base on one story and we are not even interested.

Oh whatever! I can't believe that it's still going around.

7:03 PM

♥ Saturday, April 12, 2008 ♥

- Sleeeeeeepy
- Cranky

Wah liew, sometimes I'd like to strangle those who delibrately wakes me up from my sleep. Seriously, do you know how irritating it feels. Especially waking up again and again by different people.

1st it was my student's mum who called to change the date and time AGAIN.
Then it was my mum who woke me up to remind me that I'll be having tuition classes in awhile. After telling her what was going on, she asked me to have breakfast with her, which obviously I didn't because I was SOOOO TIRED.
The last one was damn good, my dad woke me up, asking where his document was and continued reprimanding me just because I didn't transfer it over to ANOTHER computer and he needs to print it NOW. I thought I should just shut up.
And now, I'm rushed to get myself ready because we are meeting aunty Helen to go shopping. And of all the time, Claud must end class at 12pm. Can't she end later?! Boo!

I need to go.

11:57 AM

♥ Thursday, April 10, 2008 ♥

Cravings for a little cheesy me?
Yeah!!!!!!!! Maccaroni Cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super yummy!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you baby!

Off to Kenny Rogers for some kickass cheesy maccaroni!
For once, it's better than what I cook. hahhahaa.
Anddddd again, I bought a pair for shoe which I was looking for high and low. I remember wearing them when I was younger then. I've got many pairs of them. These days it's hard to find this design. TSK! It's HOT! hahaha.. It's from some Souless shop at Marina Square, Ergo-Lab. Shoes there are quite expensive though. Seems like the shoes are made to fit. Oh well.

My bf's on leave tmr! =) Yayness! AWESOME!

2:08 AM

♥ Wednesday, April 9, 2008 ♥

Like a baby............. =) My baby girl!!!

Yeah Yeah!!! I'm SOOOOO HAPPY!
I'm starting to choose the color, character and features already.
I want big bones, big eyes, cream in color, a rounder smaller nose, not so active, quiet, tame and of course clever!


3:31 PM

♥ Tuesday, April 8, 2008 ♥

Overdue Pictures
It's time to upload pictures into this mundane blog of mine.

Fish head steamboat at Thomson. (Apparently we had promphet instead).
And Desserts in Chinatown

White Dog Cafe with Kim one fine day. We looked quite retarded in these pictures. Haha

Picnic last Sunday at ECP after Ching Meng.


This is by far the most ridiculous thing I've done when I'm SO DARN BORED alone at home.
Hahaha.. A picture of my future product. HAHAHA.. I only showed the rightside because I can't find an eye that suits the left. And of course credits to this little girl's hair and body. The rest are EDITTED! Looks quite ghostly. hahhaha.

4:32 PM

♥ Monday, April 7, 2008 ♥

Recent news from dad. Saddens me to the MAX unless miracles do happen.

SNOWBY MIGHT NOT COME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boohoo!!!!

ASK MY DAD! =( I'm sooooo sad now and I wish my bf was here to make me feel better. I've been waiting for YEARS and I'm not lying! Sigh...

Baby, will Snowby come home?

11:45 PM

♥ Sunday, April 6, 2008 ♥

Now at this point of time, I'm so tempted to just shut my blog. SOOOO lazy to write anything but as the mind speaks, my fingers are going against it. hahah. Ya right!

Life's pretty much a race. Too much things to do, too little time. (most of my time is used doting my precious bed). =) I'm about family, boyfriend, shopping, eating and SLEEPING. I should start striking off the eating part because I doubt I can fit into my pants after a month if I carry on doing this. Maaaaaybeeeeeee.. it's the time of the month when the glutton is let loose.

I had BBQ over at Gerald's last Saturday and I'm so proud of myself. I CAN CATCH A BALL! HAHAHA.. Ridiculous but YES I can play ball games. My girlfriends, you know the reason.

Anyways, moving away from that topic, I'll soon get really sick of Shimbashi. Don't talk about the set meals. Omg, I'm done with it! haha. It's still one of my favourite restaurants but I doubt I'll be patronizing it for a while. It's toooo extreme when I can even memorize the entire menu. =) Lets just say, my boyfriend loves me.

I've finally booked a ticket to Taiwan in June. Sadly, not anytime earlier because my mum can only make it during that month because of the "peak" period (all the auditing, finances, reports and shit). To think that I'll be doing that in years to come too! Awesome!! Seriously, in a good way. =)

Today, I was dragged to the temple for Ching Meng. The weather was warm, the smoke from the joss sticks are causing my eyes to tear. Argh.. I never like this day. After praying, we organised a picnic at ECP. Rollerblading's fun! Everytime I blade, I'd wish I could blade everyday. I need to lose some weight! The cheena baby was really funny when we taught her the porn star poses. hahhahahahha.. You really need to see it!

I met my Fat for dinner and I think she's really pretty now. Hahaha. Thank you for dinner once again. =)

I miss Mr Lee already!

11:50 PM

♥ Wednesday, April 2, 2008 ♥

Today's totally AWESOME!!!!!!
It started with a little catching up with my fatty over coffee at 1am in the morning. Thank you darling for accompanying me =) I love your gossips to bits and I know all of mine are outdated. Hahaha.

I woke up in the afternoon, got myself ready and headed down SIM. My bf gave me a surprise, he gave me a lift. Awwwww... Handed over my ugly looking transcript and we drove down to Vivo to get him a TOTALLY AMAZING PRINTER. Ok, maybe I'm suaku la but that thing can even directly print pictures on a CD, with the basic things like scanning, blah blah blah.. That's the shit! hahaha.

We had lunch over at White Dog, strolled around and I was so tempted to get that black tube dress from Armani Exchange. What stopped me was that my wardrobe has way too many black clothings. Oh well, in exchange, I went over to River Island and I saw this pretty little thing. And Mango for a pair of shorts. Oh ya!! I was trying on the pair of shoes in River Island but I was soooo surprised! The shoes are priced at $100++ BUT the quality as really bad. For good shoes, apart from the comfort, how can it possibly be hollow???? Only the ones in the markets are! I swear I'll never get a pair from there.

Lastly, I got my hair permed. I'm still waiting for it to 'settle down'. Hahaha.. It's way too curly now. In a mth's time!!!!!

11:45 PM

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