Under The Same Moonlight
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♥ Thursday, May 29, 2008 ♥

YEAH!!!! I JUST BLAST OFF SOME MOOLAHS ONTO SHOPPING! Apparently, the website doesn't have any technical problems. I just clicked onto the wrong button. Stupid me!

Anyways, moolahs well spent! You've gotta know, with the amount of money I spurred online could only get me the most 2 dresses shopping in the malls. So yes!!!!!!!! Everybody has their 1st time and I delicate my virgin online shopping to Forever 21. Definitely cheaper than the malls, that blood sucking place but shipping was the ultimate killer.

The wait is just 5-12 business days! Fast or what?! By then, I'll be in Taiwan for more shopping!!!!! wahahahhahahahaha!

11:46 PM

♥ ♥

I think I've just burnt a hole in my pocket again. (Stupid! I'm trying to make the payment now but I can't seem to enter the bloody page.) So frustrating!!!!!!!! Just emailed them and shit I gotta wait again!

I'm so tired of travelling early in the morning to pick my dog up from my bf's. It's been so long since I get to sleep until the late afternoon. sigh... what did I get myself into.

Tuition later, gonna nap.

And again, TMR'S FRIDAY!!!! =))) On another note, I'm craving for Popeye again. The lip smacking whipped potatoes!

12:10 PM

♥ Tuesday, May 27, 2008 ♥

My sore throat's killing me. It must be because of all the late nights I had since I've graduated. To add on, I was feeling feverish during the afternoon. Damn it. I didn't even get out of the room to pee only until I came back from dinner.

The night was gooooooooooooooood. =) And tmr will be better because my bf is on leave! Yay!!!!

Alright, I needa rest.
Night night world.

11:17 PM

♥ Monday, May 26, 2008 ♥

If you've missed Fatty's Birthday last Saturday, then allow me to bring you through........ Fun in Halton D =)

Early in the morning before I even get to go to the toilet to pee, Pamela called me and she told me she was ard my area. She came over but I was way too tired to entertain her. hahah.. Passed her some VCDs to watch and I went back to slp. She tried to slp though but she can't. haha

Lunch-ed together at the nearby coffeeshop along with fatty.

I received a call when I got home, my bf was here to fetch me over to Changi. Pam and I reached much earlier than the Birthday girl herself. I like the place even though old Changi Hospital was just right behind. Frankly speaking, it looked eerie. Brrrrrr..

We waited for everybody to arrive and the night was really really fun.
Had MJ and although I lost some moolahs, I enjoyed it very much! With Fatty's friends, Jenny, little man and Melvin around, I couldn't stop my laughers and I add on to the jokes too!

So anyways, I couldn't take it anymore, I went to bed with my 3 girls, Fat, Pam and Simin. Oh yes, Puddles too. =)

It's pictures time!
Today's your actual Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FATTY!

Lastly, he sleeps like my dog. Too bad, he was drunk. I think he did that on purpose. Whatever.

12:59 PM

♥ Saturday, May 24, 2008 ♥

Other than getting another summon yesterday, the week towards the end was fantabulous. Sigh... I'm getting really unlucky these days.

Attended Keng Hoe's wedding dinner last Thursday at Conrad. The videos they took was bloody good! Those that will make you go, awww... that's sweet. The night was great. I'm a head turn. Hahahahahhahahha. It was awkward seriously. Played with my little Puddles for awhile before returning home that night. =)

Yesterday saw us in Sentosa! Brought Puddles along and SHE SWIMS! damn cute. Are they born to swim or what! Just throw her in and she starts paddling. Katong Laska for dinner and back home. I was dead beat and so is she!

Alright, I'm off to a party!!! My FATTY'S 21st BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

2:46 PM

♥ Tuesday, May 20, 2008 ♥

I'M MAD LIKE FUCK! It supposed to be a beautiful Tuesday morning but I got a big fat summon! Damn retarded seriously and SO DAMN UNFAIR!
The story goes like this, my bf's brother got into an accident weeks ago and I've gonna bring it over the the mechanics to get it fixed. Logically, I've to drive the car home right? I got home around 12am in the morning and I drove round the carpark and there's not a single lot available BECAUSE OF THE STUPID CONSTRUCTION GOING ON DOWNSTAIRS. FUCK! I had no other choice but to park beside the parking lot in the midst of construction. Even the double yellow line doesn't have space to squeeze the car's ass! The next morning, I found the stupid green summon on my wind screen but IT'S SO UNFAIR WHEN OTHER CARS DOESN'T HAVE ONE! LIKE HELLO, WE ARE DOING THE SAME SHIT!!!!! Just because they have a season parking coupon while I was using the NORMAL coupon. Those summon people out there are soooooooo fucking stupid! Using the normal coupons supposed to be MORE EXPENSIVE and they should jolly well fuck the other parties' cars!!!!!!! PISSED OFFFFFFF TO THE MAXXXXXXXX!

Sigh. On the other note, there was a post mother's day celebration down at Kuishimbo with my favourite people on earth! The yummy scrummy crabs, sushi, sashimi and all rock my sock! Most importantly, the company. =)

We had our regular dosage of gossips and laughes! And also not forgetting bringing childhood back!

Before that, mum and I gotta get our asses into some building to get our passports updated. Suddenly just forgotten the name of that building. We had Hans for brunch. Very salty lei!

We're bringing childhood back, yeah yeah, the mothers don't know where to hide. hahahaha.. (just follow the sexy back tune) Talking about childhood days, I met my Primary school bestie, Lynn to catch up over coffee. Not literally coffee though. hahah. It was great! We shared almost EVERYTHING. More next time. =)

Back to our post mothers' day celebration. More bowling next at OCC and the girls were off to some massage. Omg! that was awesome. Other than that, it was my first time playing JACKPOT! It must have been the movie, What happens in Vegas. Hahaha.. Puna funny. I love love love the last part of the movie again! why? YOU KNOW WHY! hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah.

My bf came back on a Sunday afternoon and we went shopping as well as mummum-ing in Shimbashi again. hahah.. yes, I did swear I'd never step in there for some time. I didn't manage to get anything because nothing caught my eye or maybe I wasn't in the mood. He must have been really happy. haha.

I'm getting really suay these days, Puddles gone missing yesterday. We thought she was hiding some where in the house but after so time, we realized she RAN AWAY! I was damn scared, I almost peed in my pants. After a month with her, I know what she can do and can't do. She can't walk down the stairs for nuts! So I went upstairs to look for her. And I found her pile of SHIT and her puddle of pee. There she was LOOKING for our unit BUT AT THE WRONG FLOOR! Silly girl and of course, I hit her hard.

I thought Sunday was the last time I brought her out. ='( Scare the shit out of me.
It was a surprise birthday party for Kelly at Ram's place. The food was goooood! especially the FISH! Anyways, I brought Puddles there and I got all of them to bring their little ones along too. Miki, Kelly's lovely and Puddle, Kaile's lovely. My pup looked the biggest in size there, though she was the youngest. =) Small gatherings are really fun and we should prolly have more of them. Hahah.

We are car-less tonight. Oh boy!

10:45 AM

♥ Friday, May 16, 2008 ♥

Today's a Friday and it's not the legendary "Today's FRIDAY!" uhmm.. get what I mean? Yes? Because bf's sailing again. He's sailing almost EVERYDAY but I can't complain maybe just a little whining here and there. =)

I brought Puddles home last night. Luckily she slpt throughout the night and didn't pee all over my room. At least she peed whenever I brought her to the toilet, still, it's on the god damn floor! Getting impatient already. WHY SO STUPID!!! She's afraid of getting hit but she never learns!! Angry laaaaaaaaa....... And that guilty look never fails to melt my heart. Idiot, I'm such a softie.

So I think today's gonna be a boring day but I can't wait for tmr! It's post mother's day celebration! I love love love gatherings like these.

Till tmr!

1:30 PM

♥ Tuesday, May 13, 2008 ♥

Foot prints in the sand

You walked with me
Foot prints in the sand
And helped me understand out where I'm going
You walked with me
When I was all alone
With so much unknown along the way
Then I heard you say

I promise you
I'm always there
When your heart is filled with sorrow and despair
I'll carry you
When you need a friend
You'll find my footprints in the sand

I see my life
Flash across the sky
So many times I'm blind and you're so afraid
And just when I
I thought i lost my way
You gave me strength to carry on
That's when I heard you say

I promise you
I'm always there
When your heart is filled with sorrow and despair
I'll carry you
When you need a friend
You'll find my footprints in the sand

I thought it's quite meaningful

4:37 PM

♥ ♥

Caught the movie- IRON MAN a couple of days ago.

I'm not a fan of action movies if you know me well enough but Iron Man was AWESOME!!!!

Hahaha.. andddddd from that movie, I started teasing my bf with the last words from Tony Stark. Seriously, go watch that movie!!!

I sooooo wanna watch it again.

My dad got me a new cellphone last night. Lets just say... I was pushed to change because of the vouchers he got. Not the one I really REALLY liked but it's a brand new phone FROM DAD. =) At least Fatty and I are carrying the same phone again. HAHAHA. We have similar clothings, shoes (we just ordered them), and OHHHHH SAME BRA!!!!! hahahaa.. she's gonna kill me for this.

My bf and I love poking one another and finally I poked him with an extremely FUNNY JOKE!!! hahahahahhahaahahahahaha. It's between us.

There's something I wanna clarify. My blog's for friends and people like Shuanna, Claudia, Candice, or I should say people who share the same bowl of porridge since young. Not for aunts and uncles. Some people just linked me without even asking! Who would want the ENTIRE family to know what we are doing, going and all?! Then come and talk to you as if they know your world. Sometimes they can be quite kapo. I was pissed when I found out. Sooooo before I tell you off in front of your face, delete my link. I don't even allow my sister to link me. Frankly speaking, I hate that fucking idea.

Idiot, my dog just let out a smelly fart! Grossssssssssss!

11:39 AM

♥ Monday, May 12, 2008 ♥

Parties after parties, week after week and boy, doesn't it sound tedious or what?!
Lets just let the pictures speak for a while.

Finally, Puddles's learning to walk on a leash. We've already been spending god knows how much on her! Hey, my dog even has a dogbook ok! Don't play play. Just take that I'm way to bored at home. hahahah.

I've been a choco-candy lady recently. My waist line's showing signs! Whatever la, sometimes I just need to keep my mind of my WEIGHT! wahahahaha...

We visited Pawtobellow or whatever you call it last Friday and the pork ribs were WAY TOOOO DISGUSTING. Seriously, it should be on my dog's plate instead of ours. They prolly did serve us the wrong thing. Hahahahhahah.

My bf had to run some errands yesterday and we found ourselves having lunch at Out of the Pan. I had a sweet tooth and I ordered Waffles! Desserts always mange to find their way to my tummy. I thought the apple juice tasted so yummy but I guess my bf thought otherwise. =)

Attended my party during the night and Puddles bullied my uncle's dog. That poor dog's blind. The last time I saw him, he was fine. Poor thing.

A long day tmr, sooo... good night.

12:42 AM

♥ Thursday, May 8, 2008 ♥

BOY! Tuas is a really scary place, damn it!! With all the monster trucks everywhere I wonder if they are able to see me driving. A hectic, hectic, HECTIC day! I think I travelled round Singapore today. Home to Tuas, Tuas to Home, Home to Katong, Katong to Home, Home to Tuas, Tuas to Katong, Katong to MS and finally back home. My legs were even suffering from cramps just driving!

When I brought my little Puddles Puddles home after her Jab, she was DARN HAPPY! waggling her tail hard =) I felt like a mother to her whenever she slept in my arms. She so cute.

I'll blog more tmr. One last thing, THANK YOU NICK! And happy 9th Monthsary to both of you!!!!!!!!! haha.

11:49 PM

♥ Monday, May 5, 2008 ♥

Yucks! I just ate an uncooked lamb sausage. I feel like puking now.
This post is eons seriously. About my 1st Pulau Ubin trip with my previous company. I just got the pictures la. Andddddddd... I realized I was ALWAYS sitting. haha.. Some pictures are really classic! hahahha..


Today's a bloody suay day. I couldn't hail a cab! Knn, that one and only cab got snatched by a bloody bitch who was standing 2 lamp post away. I HATE cab snatchers!!!! She definately saw me OK! I was standing there for god knows how long!

Couldn't get any stupid cabs, Puddles and I had to walk under the scorching sun all the way home. I just realized we've made a huge detour. Damn it. By snatching my cab, that bitch should get so damn unlucky! She might have missed her fight or something. Bloody bamboo with a FAT ASS! I'm so not over it!!!


Attended Joey's 21st party last Saturday. My bf got a shock when I told him that we were actually primary school friends. hahahah.. WAH!!!! 14YEARS of friendship. Not bad, not bad. hahahah...

We then proceed to St James to meet up with Chris and gang. hahaha.. My bf and I played a prank on him. HAHAHAHAA.. (inside joke) Since we were driving, I didn't drink much and I was bored and tired. My bf didn't wanted to go home. Hahaha.. SAME LA! Whenever I drink and he drives, I was also being rushed home. So BABY, IT'S PAY BACK TIME! TOOOOO BAD FOR BEING RUSHED HOME!!! wahahahahhhah!

Rock climbed on a Sundary afternoon and boy I'm goooooood! =D
We wanted to bring Puddles along but I thought it could be quite troublesome.
Talking about my Puddles, I can't wait to bring her home for good.
I WANT HER HOME even when nightfalls.
I guess my parents are oooooook with it already. haha. I'll try for a night when my bf goes out to sea again =)

11:43 PM

♥ Friday, May 2, 2008 ♥

It's Labour Day!!! And that also meant outings with my favourite people =)

We met in the early morning to attend my uncle's new factory opening ceremony.

Then, we went shopping TOGETHER. YES, the WHOLE lot! It's like we are going for a fight or somthing. HAHAHA. Chit chatted at Gelare. Waffles and coffee were way too good!

You know what?! My mum refrained me from buy shoes!! I felt damn sad la!!!!!! I love shoes from Guess. Frankly speaking, it's TOTAL LOVE! Sigh, sigh, sigh.. Oh well... Whatever.

After all the shoppings, Claud and I brought Puddles to the dog cafe at Sin Ming but bloody hell, it was closed! Sooooooooooo, we had no choice, we went all the way to MS. My little puddles learnt something new today! Shaking paws and walking unleashed!!! SMART GIRL!! but, she just peed as and when she likes. It's damn funny when she stopped and squatted just to pee while walking. She thinks it's HER WORLD. The cafe at MS was pretty nice. And my girl almost got raped by that stupid horny bastard. She totally freaked out! Knn, I wanted to kick that stupid dog away. You know what, he went round humping all the dogs la! He ought to be put to sleep.

My baby's coming home tmr!!! Can't wait!!!

A Bible verse I came across a couple of times today

Matthew 7:7-8Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

12:32 AM

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Age: 21
DOB: 27 Oct 1987

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Foot steps in the sand

Promise Me - Beverly Craven
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