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♥ Monday, March 31, 2008 ♥

Back with tonnes of pictures and stories to tell.....
Leaving out the days at Sentosa, I've yet to receive the pictures. =)

My last week of work was rather fine other than to have somebody stepping on your nerves. This girl named Eliza whom we always think that she's really fake. Everything she said were model replies and answers from the TEN YEAR SERIES! She'll go, "Not to worry, tomorrow will be a better day ( with 2 thumbs up)!" Times when you just needed a listening ear. Haha. That's from Erin, my colleague.

For my case, well, on one very day, we had to take this stupid test known as COD2 when I just casually asked if it would be easier if she'd start from the top. KNN! She just slapped me back with "in that case, you will need to retest your COD1 because you can't handle COD2." Seriously, what the fuck?!

Whatever la! Just let me be a bitch of once la huh. So what if I fail or pass the god damn test?! I don't need this job AND even if I'm in for this shit without passing anything, I bet I earn more than her. Argh!!!! I don't like her. As for Teri, the entire team doesn't like her too because she feels that handling the leads gives her the authority to scold us vulgarities. That generation of people are really weirdos. Either they are too engrossed with A.R.T or that 5 steps are the only way to start a conversation. CRAZY you know!

Talking about something better, I love love love my team RP and that includes Nicole, Erin and Caron. They are the nicest people ever! We'd love about EVERYTHING under the sun! We need to keep in touch! By the way, Evelyn just told me something scary about last Friday. I'm soooo embarrassed!!!! I didn't remember a single bit!!!! She said we did something a little more than just a kiss. Ooook, for that I was shocked.

So just to continue, I decided to quit the job last Wednesday after graduation when I thought, CSI were killing everybody slowly. I talked to Gerald and before I could ask anything, he started to A.R.T me. TOLD YOU! Some people there are weird. He even wanted to talk to my parents! Siao!! And yes, I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello life, Hazel's saying HI!!!! hahahaha.

Graduation as rather boring that day but Shuan and I took a hell load of pictures and my mum treated me to Kuishimbo for dinner =) Thanks mum!!! Nothing much to say about the day but my pictures speak a thousand words.

Friday was the last day at work and it was also a day we organised to party out ass off after so long! St Jame that was! I was sooooooooooooooo happy and I think I was drunk! oook, I WAS DRUNK! I puked in the car and I did things I couldn't remember doing. More this Friday ok!!!
My hot mamas were dancing like there's no tmr! Sexy as ever and the papas were dancing the bear dance and nick dance. Hahahaha.. damn funny. Nick was so drunk and you'll know what I meant after looking at the pictures we took. Zac too! I wonder who unbuttoned his shirt.

My new job, A TUTOR! hahaa.. call me Miss Tan. Saturday supposed to be my 1st lesson but that parent forgot the timing and I've to change it to another day. Well, better that way, I had a hang over. I thought I was floating all the way home. Haha. My sexy bf treated me to Shimbashi for dinner and afterwhich I went over to Banana Republic. The clothings there were terrible. So dissapointing actually. We went bowling with my family and rushed back home for the variety show! =P

This morning, I had to drag my ass off bed to clean the house and prepare myself to head down town to purchase the tickets to Taiwan but we didn't manage to do that today because everything was closed at 6pm before we could even decide. Booo! Desserts were superb though.. *grins*

We had a simple dinner at Thomson which was something I had craved for for sometime. =))) So yes, this sums up my week and starting from tmr, things will be great!!!! (Pictures for today will be uploaded tmr =))
And Damn suay, I can't upload pictures because blogger has some errors! Damn it! ALL TMR THEN!

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♥ Sunday, March 30, 2008 ♥

I'm just sooooo lazy to start blogging again. Haha..
Stay tune for updates about my little getaway, work, graduation, FOOD, quit the job, a visit to my 2nd home, st James with the lovely team of hot mamas and papas (Team RP), my new job, my plans to go over to Taiwan (booking it TOMORROW), and lastly, days with and without my bf. =)

It has been really good!!!!! Life's back where it supposed to be!

Promise, next post!

p.s People pls nudge me for the pictures we took on Friday night. OMG, it's the only trace we left telling us what happened or how funny we looked and acted. CLASSIC! Nick especially. haha.

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♥ Tuesday, March 25, 2008 ♥

I love love love the 25th of every month.

...........and next month would be our 5th Anniversary. Sometimes I just lost count. Haha.

Thanks for showering me with ample love and holding up to my umpteen nonsenses I could even come up with. The years have been great and "great" might be too low a word to describe it though. =) I thank you for coughing all your time just for me.

I'll always remember the times when we couldn't stop farting onto one another's hands.
I'll always remember the times when we couldn't stop irritating the shit out of one another.
I'll always remember the times when you went an extra mile to put a smile on my face.
I'll always remember the times when we couldn't stop crying just because we love one another too much.
I'll always remember the times when we quarrel, this way, we'll always remember this was what brought as a step closer to one another.
I'll always remember the times when we couldn't stop laughing until we almost died.
I'll always remember the times when we missed one another so damn much.
I'll always remember the times when you had no choice but to leave the country for mths,
And I'll always remember the times when I had to wait for your call.
LASTLY, I'll always remember how much we love one another and this is real.

In years to come, even when you will be alone in Australia for a yr or so, just remember I'll still be loving you wherever you will be. PLS remember to BRING ME OVER upon completing my Uni!!! hahaha.

I'll always remember you are the only one for me =) *SMOOCHIES*

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♥ Saturday, March 22, 2008 ♥

And Happy Easter day!!! Have you had your Easter eggs? I've got mine! And yups, in my tummy! Hahaha.. It's another baby shower celebration today at Pungol Field. Guess what?! The entire team was there la!!!!! Yvette spotted me at the corridor disturbing my cousin. Damn! I thought I should be at Sentosa??

Presenting Gerlynn, this cute little baby girl.

OF COURSE I DIDN'T LIE!!! In less than 9 hours to go! Exactly overseas! Hees.

After the baby shower, I met Mr TAN KIM MOH! Well... he's married to me today. =) Took our dinner at Kenny Roger's and their Macaroni cheese NEVER fails me. Superb! I thought their coleslaw was good too. Don't ask me about the pictures. My mum demanded me to leave the camera behind because she wants to use it at night but DAMN! Never took a single one. Booo.. Heng my bf has another camera. So it's with him la =D

We then made our way to Carrefour to do some marketing for tmr. I kapoh-ed the last Moet & Chandon in the cellar!!!! The last bottle!!!!!!!! It's better than striking lottery I tell you. Haha. Imagine that I'm actually looking high and low for that holy bottle and I FOUND IT! This bottle better be good. I'm quite suprised that it's place in this rather awesome cellar apart from the chapalang bottles ANDDDDD it's tagged with this eletronic device.

Anyways, the next post would be a juicy one. GOOD NIGHT!!!!!

(I'm just cam-whoring =D )

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♥ Tuesday, March 18, 2008 ♥

Hello! My blog is not dead. I'm just really really busy. Sadly, I can't seem to find anytime for shopping and time to spend with my friends. Damn sad okkkkk... Suddenly, every thing seems like a cycle.

Let me do some blogging =)
I had to go back to school last Thursday to buy the stupid attire for graduation. Puna Ugly. Anyways, Had lunch with Shuan and went over to her place to pay a visit. Baby Jae's so cute!!! stayed awhile and FINALLY I got a chance to meet my friends for dinner. We had yummy yummy steamboat buffet at Novena which is also so cheap! I wanna go there again soon =) Somebody DATE ME! hahaha.

The next day was the same old shit. And Saturday was time spent with my bf shopping in Vivo city. I bought myself 2 dresses which is so pretty and so expensive. That cost a bomb! Days are short since I started working. =( Booo! I'm gonna quit soooon!

Oh yes, I got into an accident last week. So bloody suay! I was at the traffic junction when I've already stopped for god knows how long. It's a red light by the way. Out of a sudden I heard a thud. I told myself "Sui loh! what am I suppose to do?" It was raining cats and dogs!!! I was scared and I remembered, I did tremble. hahaha.. I don't even have to strength to take a picture using my cellphone! haha. He was quite nice though, he did everything nicely for me and he was willing to pay for my damages. Oh well, too bad he's married. hahaha.

My company also had a seminar at Mechant Court few days ago. It was fun fun fun, unlike the normally dreadful, sleepy ones. =) Chris Niarchos is handsome! Grace was there and so do you agree with me??? haha.

After the seminar, we celebrated Wei Xiang's bday too! Happy Belated Birthday Brother Bear! haha.

And just last Friday, I went over to Shuan's house again, because I didn't wanna eat alone.... We had Pizza and now, I mean nowwwww, I'm also eating pizza my dad ordered. You know, on a rainy day, I'd just like to laze around at home doing nth! =) Haha..

Lastly, I can't wait for my long weekends!!!!!! My father doesn't believe I'm having a chalet this Saturday. Hahahhhahah.. How strange.

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♥ Thursday, March 6, 2008 ♥

Because I'm free right now, there's no need to wait for 4 weeks for this post. =) I just came back from work not to long ago and I think it's seriously not a bad job, lets leave out the number of hours spent at work la.

Met lotsa people and still sticking on the my friends dearly for old time sake! They are just a bunch of really cool yellow bananas. THEY MAKE ME GO BANANAS! Hell lots of fun when we try to beat one another in terms of daily sales and all.

The company is fun in a way where everybody will come to work and know everybody. It's like school, only better! I finally ace in something. I can't wait to tell my bf the good news again!!!! Oh baby, 3 days in a roll out at field!!! High Roller!!!!!!! Yes, bf's sailing yet again. Both busy working for moooolahs. My parents are eyeing on my money already but.. hahaha.. little did they know my secret. Shan't say it here. =)))

Let me recap, on the 22nd of Feb, we were at St James partying with the usual people. It was hell loads of fun but the fun just died off when I heard the bitching. Don't wanna talk about it la. Just about stupid people feeling so damn insecure.

so here are the pictures... And yes we also had a hell loads of drinks! 3 canons, Champagnes and many more. Cant exactly remember though.

As I was saying, I'm working in a really fun company where they'd organise a trip to Pulau Ubin. I was darn happy because I wanted to go there since FOREVER! As all my friends would know, I'm usually not allowed to. My team was really smart during the game where we had to walk from place to place. We charted a BUS!!!! hahahaha... Damn it! Other team copied us along the way. Boooo!

Here are some of the pictures we took too.

Many happy little things happened recently. I got a job and my bf rewarded me with dinner at one of my favourite restaurants, Shimbashi and bought me a pair of new shoes just to prepare me for work. In the end I'd no chance to wear it. But not to worry, I'll wear it to shop sometime later, after my lump sum of pay coming along. I swear!

The next day, I'd to buy another pair of shoes because I need one without heels. Seriously, this pair of flats would be the prettiest shoe ever! It's with a huge BLING BLING in front. Blings sounds bad but wait till you seeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! I'm wearing that everyday and it might be one of my lucky stars =) And lucky stars includes and Pretty Dunhill watch, my make up and my curry pok hair!!! hahahahah. Crap, I know. hahah.

Working never seems to end till I've got no time to eat. Guess what?! I thank god for giving me such a good bf who'd go a mile to make sure I'm well fed. =) Thanks for my musli bars. It has became my most favourite food! *SMILES* =D

So many beautiful moments which I can't possibly finish writing.

But lastly, KNN I kanna a summon today! The stupid fong fei fei ought to die. Seriously, it's a hassle to put SOOOO damn many coupons and come back in time right?? Just put the stupid ERP thingy la! Damn it! Luckily I got bonus from yesterday and today. Dumbass.

Oh yes yes yes... Thank you Nick and YP for the slippers you bought from Thailand. Thanks a million, zillion and all. =))

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♥ Saturday, March 1, 2008 ♥

Hello guysssssssssss!!!

I've been missing for quite awhile because I'm SO DAMN busy. I'll be back 4 weeks later to blog about everything. In the mean time, just miss me. AHAHahahah.


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