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♥ Tuesday, July 29, 2008 ♥

Have you wonder if dogs do know how to be vain?
Seriously, I BET THEY DO! Just look at my naughty fellow posing for the camera.
I thought she looks damn sexy in there. haha..

On a warm Saturday morning, we brought Puddles to the vet for a STO. OHHH! For the 1st time, we didn't need to pay a single cent. Another round of visiting 2wks later.

On our way back, my bf horlan! I was pissed actually and he always comes up with a same excuse. Eh.. I think that day har, you were just dreaming loh. Hahaha.. DON'T LIE! It must be because he saw a pretty girl driving and he blurry followed her. CONFIRM!

Happy birthday SIMIN!!!!

We attended her birthday during the night and I won mahjong!!!!!!!!! SUPER SHIOK CAN!!! hahahaha.. We stayed for a short while and then for supper in Gelang. Luckily, I was the one behind the wheel, not, we'll landed up in lane 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc. hahaha.

3:00 PM

♥ Monday, July 28, 2008 ♥

It was our monthsary last Friday. My bf and I decided to do something and somewhere different. I love dessert! Hahahaha... Can I consider Durians my dessert? UBER UBER UBER SHIOK! I sat by the road side and enjoyed the aroma. I wanna eat by the roadsides again. The dust might prolly be the reason why food taste better! hahha..

So, we had dinner at my secret garden. Prices are tad steep considering the extra small portions the dishes were. Despite all, the food was yummy as well as my company.

Ohhh.. surprisingly, after everything, it was already quite late. Hahaha.. Sometimes, short and simple nights are above great.

Other than our monthsary, Puddles turned 5 months too!
Happy 5th month, Puddles!!!!

I'll update about Saturday and Sunday soon. =)

2:00 PM

♥ Friday, July 25, 2008 ♥

My last TWO weekends before I've to worry about mugging! Maybe it wouldn't be that bad, just in case. HAHA

I thought I should list down what I'd wanna do on my last two weekends.

Other than the must do list:
- to the vet for my pooch's STO
- bathe her
- buy her food
- check the price out of her, hopefully, new best friend, a chihuahua. (My mum wants a chihuahua. Uber spastic la! but I saw one with fur so we shall see)

And.... that's about it. On his side, I don't know.

Anyhow, here's the list:
- Finish the bottle I left in St James (DON'T WASTE MONEY!)
- Hortpark? What ever you call it. =D
- Sentosa, hopefully with Puddles. Gotta check with the vet.
- OYSTERS!!! (I've been craving for it since I don't know when!)
- Pawtabello
- Macdonald's breakfast (it's quite sad when I can never make it on time)
- LATE NIGHT SUPER to places which sells yummy yummy food
- I've got a sudden craving of that da bao my dad bought mths back (Lorong 34, Tan Jong Ru Bao, haha.. just called for the address)
- I wanna BAKE again.

That's it for the time being.
I feel like a country pumkin once again. BOOOO!

1:37 PM

♥ Tuesday, July 22, 2008 ♥

BOY, my timetable's screwed! 5 days week yo! Everything's scheduled for us. Booooo! Anddddddddd........... I have no friends. Hahahahahaha.. I haven't made any! Hopefully there's some nice, friendly and crazy people. I'll watch out for them. =D

We were invited to Tracy's birthday which was fun! Had drinking games with her bf and his friends. The birthday girl was so busy that day! I'm glad she was really happy that day and SEXY! I love your NEH NEH! HAHAHAHAH! (send me the pictures soon ya!)

After the party, the gang wanted to sing karaoke. DAMN FUN LA! I love the wu bai song! Ailin got addicted to it also!!!! hahaha.. And the dance which was puna funny too!!!!

Attended a wedding dinner last sunday and we took some pictures. It's been a long time since I posted pictures on my blog. And 2 videos which is really funny.

Cherilyn was dancing when somebody came into the toilet. Hahaha.. puna funny!

She has grown so much. I think she's in her awkward period. She looks damn ugly now. hahahah!

Puddles laughing in her sleep one night. Sooooo creepy! haha.

5:07 PM

♥ Thursday, July 17, 2008 ♥

I've got a mega huge craving for Katong laksa at this time of the night. The aroma's caught up in my noserils and I could just dive into a hot laksa bowl!


This Peranakan dish is rich with seafood ingredients like cockles, prawns and fish cake, swimming in a chicken or ikan bilis stock enriched with coconut milk. It is also flavoured with loads of dried shrimp. Let's just exclude the fish cake. I know, I know, it's disgusting. Fish cakes smell to the max!

This evening had been too much to handle this evening with school stuffs and the stupid annual fee to settle. Tell me 100000000000000 reasons why I should pay an annual fee for a card I seldom use. That stupid lady over the phone was sucky and I didn't think twice before I cancel the damn card.

On the other note, I had dinner with my girlfriends over a hot pot. Cheap and yummy steamboat never failed our night and hagen daz fondue wraps up our night just right. I wanna have more of these meets up soon!!!! Our laughters were definitely heard in every corner of the restaurant. =9

12:04 AM

♥ Wednesday, July 16, 2008 ♥

He comes, he goes.
When will he come and never go?
We never had enough time, just let me whine.
Absence makes the heart grows fonder but will it fade away? I wonder.

If he was here now, then, what will we be doing? Will it be the same?
Too little time yet too much time.
As contridicting as it seems, I'm telling myself it maybe fine.

I want us time again.

5:13 PM

♥ Sunday, July 13, 2008 ♥

I've got a sudden urge of jotting this down since tmr is a Sunday and he'll be sailing for a week and off to NZ soon. That lucky chap!! Please, fly a cow back will you? haha. And because of my totally ridiculous dream I had few days ago. It affected me badly for A day. Subsequently, still yes but not that bad. =D

MY BOYFRIEND- the world's most wonderful gift from god.
Some time ago, we quarrelled because I couldn't get him when I needed him. It wasn't anything urgent, was it? Anyways, I got mad. I swear I didn't want to spoil his night. Come to think of it, we've never quarrelled for more than an hour. Perhaps, I was the one who instigated that quarrel. Booooooooo.. I'm sorry. BUT! I thought it reminded us how strong our love is! Paisey la friends, just carry on reading if you want to. hahahha.. it MIGHT get really mushy. He left for home earlier that day because he wanted to be there for me. Good right? No, I didn't thought it was sweet at that time. I didn't meant to spoil his night and I hate it because he could have enjoyed more IF I didn't call. I was angry with myself. I insisted he shouldn't have left. Sweet? Nah.. he didn't think so. HE THOUGHT I WAS BEING RIDICULOUS AND SO WAS I!!!!
I was complaining to my bestest friend on the phone and I ended up being really stupid when I told her we were actually too sweet for each other. hahaha.. She thought I was insane! Crying like nobody's business for a moment and being so loving the next.

He never says no. He practically gives me EVERYTHING I ever wanted. kk.. give me 1 series next k. hahahahahahahahahaha... joking joking. He tolerates all my shit.

Thanks a million, zillion and infinity!
If I were to die tmr, all I want is for you to be happy.

I'll continue this another day.. My eye lids are getting heavy.

2:35 AM

♥ Saturday, July 12, 2008 ♥

I think my pooch hates me. Maybe...... She was wondering why I brought her to a place where she gets under a knife and it hurts so much. Then she thought she might as well hate me for that. She didn't wag her beautiful tail when I brought her home this morning. Boooo! Puddles must be hating me for not bringing her home yesterday too! =(

The surgery went well and I'm glad she woke up shortly after the surgery. Just..... a tad blur as usual. =) She was hospitalised for a night. The night when I visited her, my lord! Puddles turned POODLE! she got a shaved patch on her leg ( for surgery purpose) but hell I didn't know it would be that big a patch. freaking fugly! hahaha... It took me awhile to acknowledge her presence. hahha.. She got so excited and she peed, again. That's Puddles, nasty!

The wound seems small here but it's NOT! Poor Puddles.

This morning when I 1st met her, I thought she slimmed down alot. That saddens me.
Oh oh, a little gossip from the morning. Aiya.. quite sad actually, I almost cried too. There was this lady who brought her..... puppy? kitten? rabbit? bird? it was in a bag so I couldn't figure out what it was, died. The nurses wrapped it up in a towel and newspaper. That lady went out and cried while stroking that little fellow. At that moment, I was wondering what wouldn't have happen if Puddles didn't manage to wake up? I signed a form which covers the vets backside and I probably got nth much to say.

Puddles eating well but not playing well. I think she's still feeling groggy.
Thank you EVERYBODY for being so concern. Really SOOOO MANY PEOPLE'S concern, I was surprised. =) Even my dad. I think my dad did come to my room last night to check if Puddles was home... I wasn't dreaming I think. hahah

much much much much much much love!!!
loving you means so much more.

What are you looking at?! I'm no longer a bai ka puppy ok! stupid secondary school shit! bahahahahah...

1:39 PM

♥ Wednesday, July 9, 2008 ♥

Wedding, wedding and more wedding dinners!
I'm lack of dresses already.

Last weekend was one at Orchard Parade Hotel. Well.... only the roast pig was GOOD. I mean real good! See for yourselves!! hahaahha

I love it whenever I'm with my relatives. My favourite uncles, aunts, and cousins!! Ok.. maybe only uncle. My buddy buddy!!!! hahahaha. We share the same traits. =D

Oh my dad loves DS Lite, cooking mama. He played it non-stop. hahahah.. really funny when he threatened my sister to steal it.

Hospital tmr for a check up. Freaking far laaaa.. Hopefully my last trip there. Am I weak or what?! adhjshdakjfsjf.. and I just caught a cold.

11:51 PM

♥ Monday, July 7, 2008 ♥

I fell in love with that yatch we saw. Definitely not love at 1st sight. hahaha. I thought it was quite ugly until we went up. I love the deck!!! I can already visualise us in it already. Hahaahahah...

It was quite an enjoyable day. If only we had more time together last weekend.

Mr Lee was really patient with me when I seemed to be suffering from PMS, ooook I suffered from it.

On our way to Sentosa that morning, I was really grumpy and angry because he asked me to dress up while he didn't. Come to think about it, its just a small matter but I'm still not over it. haha.

He's so sweet this morning when he asked for Puddles's surgery time. He told me he wants to be there for us. Awwwww.... =)

4:14 PM

♥ Sunday, July 6, 2008 ♥

Saddening news. Puddles has to go for a Femoral Head Excision or in another words, Osteotomy. ='(

She took an x-ray this morning and it was found to be worse. Generally, her leg slipped out of her hips. Similarly like dogs with hip dysplasia, but in this case, she fell badly on her hind leg.

My heart literally fell.

So what I found online was the 3 options the Vet gave, Osteotomy, Hip Replacement and TPO (Triple Osteotomy of the Pelvis)

All 3 seem really good and we actually decided on Osteotomy in a way or another. It's more economical yet still VERY VERY PRICY.

And apparently, a hip replacement surgery is only done by one doctor in S'pore because of the market. Practically everything has to be imported from the states. One surgery cost more than 2k and fyi, the surgery itself. Parts not covered, consultation not covered and etc. (eh, for ONE leg)

Lastly for TPO, yet again, because of the relatively small market in S'pore only one doctor is doing. So ya.. sigh...

From the x-ray, the left leg isn't doing very well too.
Bf's paying for this coming surgery and hopefully she gets well and I'll prepare my moolahs for another one.

Anyways, I guess I should really really cut down on her meals.

On the happier side, she's eating and playing too well. My pig dog.
I love it everytime she wakes up with a bff. (blur fuck face) hahaha..
And that's my search for my newest BFF. Bahahahaha.

one degree fifteen tmr morning! Hurray. My bf is thinking of buying something BIGGER that floats. We've yet to see the "big pretty quote"! I think the price's gonna be SO UGLY.

2:06 AM

♥ Saturday, July 5, 2008 ♥

Thursday night spelt FUN!
It started off slow but it ended up with a bang with my favourite people!

Met up my poly friends aka MioTV khakis to have a surprise bday celebration for Kelly and Evelyn. The cake Jacelyn bought was DELICIOUS! I wanna have that for my bday too!!! Oatmeal and nuts sprinkles, chocolate coated, chocolate sponge and bananas were awesome together.

A simple dinner at Paragon. Then to Balcony for a little more gossips.

ANDDDDDD to my second home. I didn't know Boiler can be soooo empty during the weekdays. We were practically in our world. Met Charis there and that crazy girl was high already. Shan't elaborate further. Everything was just great!!!

Thank you Nick for sending me home.
Thank you YP for taking care of me and sorry we left when you weren't high yet.
Thank you Zac for your leg. hahah. (I had to lie down la.. was feeling dizzy)
Thank you Charis for taking care of me too.

Lastly, if this is what you are thinking, I wasn't drunk. It was the dizzy spell. It must be because I didn't eat enough that day.

Friday was spent with my bf. Shimbashi to start our night.
The Unit- Season II seemed SO DAMN INTERESTING.
Hilton to chill. Charis and Dennis came along.
Chomp Chomp for supper and tmr will be money day, hopefully. Bahahaha.. I'm excited.

1:39 AM

♥ Friday, July 4, 2008 ♥

I seriously detest secondary school pupils and to think that I had gone through that phrase before. The annoying people and I was one of them. eeewww..

So, I was walking my dog to the market when we came across 3 secondary school bitches from Northview secondary school. Ya.. so apparently my dog's limping BECAUSE SHE HURT HER LEG and that bitch gotta make an extremely mean comment, "na ge you bing de. (that's a sick dog)" Frankly speaking, just fuck off la. My dog has feelings too. At least, I never did hear her whine or cry. She's so strong she could even manage to try walking on her injured leg. So who is she to comment. Till that secondary school shit breaks her leg and behaved stronger than my dog, she ought to shut her trap.

I hate it when these people talk without using their pea brains.

1:44 PM

♥ Thursday, July 3, 2008 ♥

Sigh.. I feel like a housewife.

It must be because I'm being too paranoid about my dog's leg. I know the dog topic is getting boring here but still..... I wish she is getting better. The fact, she's not. =( I literally have to push the bone back everytime it protrudes out. Poor thing, it must hurt so much.

My little bai ka puppy.

12:39 AM

♥ Wednesday, July 2, 2008 ♥


We departed for Kenting and along the way, we stopped by Maobitou, which supposed to look like a cat's nose. But... what do you know?! I didn't see anything like a cat or even its nose. Bahahaha.. and the stupid wind messed my hair so I was seen as a siao chabo the entire day. See for yourselves. =(

Then next was the Eluanbi Lighthouse. So ya.. it was said as the most impressive lighthouse in Taiwan. but...... hahhaha.. disappointing la.

We finally settled our dinner ourselves. DAMN YUMMY!!!!! So that night was the night I got ferris wheel-ed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I went for the man power show and strip tease. woooow whooo... hahahha.. AWESOME!!!!

Oh that air gun game, I'm a marksman ok!!! I did some shopping with some girls I got to know during the trip. Actually, I bought Puddles a beautiful hair clip which sadly, dropped onboard the plane. =((

Yes, that clip on my hair.

___________________________________________________________________________________ Last Sunday, we brought Puddles to the dog run at bishan park. She had lotsa fun, I can tell but I think her legs started to hurt even worse after the run. Vet this Saturday again. Poor thing.

On the happier note, my dad bought me a new bag! The awesome Burberry! =D

1:22 AM

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